If you hate social security and medicare
Well I have the solution for you: Vote for Trump for President in 2020 and I am sure he will eventually take away all your worries about social security and medicare as he takes actions to either cut them way back or get rid of them altogether.

I was reading an article on the New York Times website this morning where the writer was saying that the C.I.A., believes that Russian President Putin is personally directing the efforts of the Russians to interfere in U.S. elections in 2020 so that Trump will have a better chance of getting his second term.

I guess that by now, everybody who can put their own pants on unassisted knows that Russia has become an authoritarian country under Mr. Putin and that very little, if anything, concerning Russian foreign affairs, or anything else for that matter, can happen in Russia without Premier Putin’s knowledge, involvement and blessing.

I should also imagine that those who have been watching American Politics lately must surely, by now, have come to the conclusion that Trump also is trying to get himself into position where nothing that happens in The United States can happen without his personal knowledge, direct involvement and blessing as well.

The President has said to somebody (according to reports), (and this is my own paraphrase because I don’t have the direct quote available right now), “We will not be talking a “Transfer” of power this election; we will be talking about a “Continuation.”

Then the president said that if there were no ballots, the election would proceed a lot more smoothly.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, the President stressed the importance of having 9 justices seated on the Supreme Court prior to election time and I am assuming the reason he is so anxious to see this happen is that if he should lose the election, he is counting on the Supreme Court to just hand it to him.

I love it when my political adversaries come on here and accuse me of having nothing to offer but sarcasm. It gives me the greatest pleasure to declare some of these mindless right wing morons are trolls and to make sure that any comments they try to make on my blog in the future are either trashed on receipt or never answered by me. Why waste time on obvious ignorance?

If The Fools Want It, Then I Say “Let Them Have It!”

There are some apparently mindless idiots out there who love to challenge the dangers concerned with Coronavirus — some deny it exists, others say it is no more dangerous than the common cold or the ordinary influenza — they refuse to wear masks, they love to pretend they can go ahead and mass together and kiss and hug and hump just like they always did without any fear whatsoever of their lungs being disintegrated by the virus– and they will spend endless hours defending their position, quoting their lying political idol in the white house ….

I am sick and tired of trying to argue with these poor demented folks.

If they are that god damned anxious to go out and get themselves a good case of the killer virus then that is their business and I say, “Let them have at it.” I will go a step farther: I will also say, “I hope to hell they do get what they are denying so that they can understand the reality of it all … and believe you me, if they do get the virus because of their idiocy, they get absolutely no sympathy from me.

Why Do We Worry About Things We Can’t Change?

I remember the pressures of living through the 8 years of the George W. Bush administration … people losing their homes by the dozen ….uncertainties galore …and then came the Obama administration where the Republicans did everything they could to block everything he ever tried to do.

These times were unsettling and sometimes un-nerving but we got through them, didn’t we?

Now here we are all upset and confused about the Trump administration and the craziness of his fanatic followers and there isn’t a damned thing any of us can do to change anything …. even that iconic “Vote” may not get counted this time or it might get lost or it might get manipulated or cancelled out …and we might get four more years of the same again.

I have faith that whatever happens short of an autocratic take over of every facet of our lives, we will, somehow get through this one also.

So really, folks … what is all the fuss about?

CDC Suddenly Reverts Coronavirus Risk Messaging

In what appears to me to be an attempt to avoid undermining the President’s messaging about how Coronavirus spreads, his cronies at the Center for Disease Control have, just recently, published new guidelines refuting the original scientific evidence that Covid19 spreads through the air.

Recap: The CDC had released late scientific evidence showing that coronavirus is spread through droplets suspended in the air (That is had become airborne). The CDC has now reversed course on that late science and is stating once again (Like it did in the beginning) that the virus spreads through personal contact only — or from surfaces on which the droplets of virus have landed.

This sudden reversal by the CDC tells me a couple of things that I think are important:

It tells me that the Trumpites at the CDC are blatantly downplaying the seriousness of the virus in order to avoid undermining the President’s penchant for playing it down and it tells me that we can no longer believe either the President or the CDC about the pandemic.