Trump’s Loyal Admirers Have Little Faith In Real Republicans

I have thought for a long time now that we are going to end up with a new political party in The United States; “The Trump Party.”

I hope when his loyal fans get the new party started that it is more successful than a lot of his other ventures have been. Let me backtrack that statement: If they get a new Trump party started I hope it is as successful as his last run for President was. There! That is a better expression of how I feel about it. I get a little brain-fogged and tongue tied whenever I think of Trump. He has that effect on me.

However, unlike a lot of Trumpites and Trumpettes, his shadow falling across my space does not numb my brain to the point where I cannot have a coherent rational thought.

I saw something I couldn’t believe when I first saw it. But as I thought about what I was looking at, I began to believe it because it makes real sense. I saw a bunch of people embracing an actual metal statue of Trump at some political meeting somewhere. It occurred to me, “These idiots are worshiping their version of the Biblical golden calf; the same kind of idol that the disaffected followers of Moses built for themselves in the desert near Sinai.

Then I remembered how that God commanded “His People” not to erect idols for the sake of bowing down to them and worshiping them … and I began to get a clearer picture of exactly what is happening with this Trump phenomenon that has swept across our nation.

I have to say that I firmly believe that if something isn’t done to defuse that bunch of idiots, the future for America does not look at all bright!

The horror, as I see it, is that this bunch of Trumpian lunatics seem to actually be trying to reinvent the ideals and principles of traditional American Conservatism into a bastardization of tradition that reflects exclusively and only the definition of principles, aims, ambitions, goals and what have you as expressed by Trump himself.

In other words, I believe they are so hypnotized (Brainwashed) (Enamored)(In love with) by the man that they now perceive the Republican Party as an extension of Trump himself and their loyalty and devotion to him are what drives them and is what will define their political activities from now on.

I believe that because of the rise of this kind of passion among those kinds of people, those Capitol riots of January 6th are only the beginnings of something far darker and more sinister.

So far, they have started efforts to dismantle and replace the American voting system with something else entirely because of all the misinformation they have swallowed about how corrupt the voting system has become and how it robbed their icon of the presidency in the election of 2020. I think their idea of a perfect voting systems is one that absolutely insures that nobody else but a Republican can ever hold office in The United States again and that will allow somebody like Trump to become president for life.

I personally didn’t have a bit of trouble casting my vote this time around and I am proud to say that I voted for the winner. Also I cast my winning vote by ordinary mail and it got through alright and was counted despite all the claims from the Left about how disastrous the mail-in voting thing was! The mail-in ballot system wasn’t a disaster at all except to those Right Wing cockroaches who wanted to control the whole thing but couldn’t.

On another note, I, for one, am damned glad that we got ourselves a democrat government even if it only lasts for a short time because imagine where we would be right now if the covid-19 deny-ers were still ignoring the hundreds of thousands of deaths that were caused by the disease and were still preaching against the wearing of masks, social distancing and vaccine efficacy! If those idiots were still in control of the government at this point, I believe the 400-thousand deceased Americans would have exceeded a Million or more by this time and nobody would still be trying to do anything really effective about it.

You want to see how damned useless Republicans really are in a national crisis? Just look at how they are fighting right now to limit the Biden-Administration-Proposed coronavirus relief bill …. the $1.3 Trillion Covid relief package that you have heard about ….. The very thing we need to combat the virus, to support people who are falling through the cracks because of the pandemic, to support failing businesses, to shore up the economy in general, to give people a break and some hope — The damnable Right Wing is fighting all these critically-needed measures with everything they’ve got. That’s how damned much they are about you and me!

This new bunch of Trumptards have already indicated their desire to tear up the traditional Republican way of doing things and replace it all with the most holy and sacred words of Donald Trump! I even can smell a desire among them to rewrite the Constitution even though I have not seen or heard anything to indicate they might have come to that idea as yet. (Although the willingness shown by some of them to destroy the Capitol might be a precursor of this kind of extreme extremism.).

Now these people are even warning their own kind that Democrats and the American Left are the enemies of democracy. Can you envision the day when storm troopers of the New Trump-inspired right come marching down Main Street, U.S.A., herding Liberals into trucks and train cars for transport to some “Facility?”

One thing is for certain, as far as I can see … There will be no other Republican but Trump who will stand a Peck’s chance in hell of running for President in 2024 and I fully expect The Donald to come to the CPAC and declare himself (a) The true leader of the Republican Party and (b) The presumed nominee of the party for 2024. I believe he will use the same psychology in running for President again as he used when he declared that the Biden election was rigged (stolen). I believe he will say these things and I believe “His People” will believe these things and by reason of his merely vocalizing them, these things will come to pass …. possibly to the greater detriment of our beloved country.

Republicans Boring From Within To Restrict Voting Again

After watching American politics for decades now, it doesn’t surprise me at all to learn that Republicans are, once again, doing some of the things that Republicans (Losers) do the best …… Their current gambit is to launch a firey and vigorous campaign, all across the country, to do what they can to make sure people can’t vote in our elections …. or to make sure that people have such a hard time voting that they will just get tired of all the red tape and stay at home on election day.

This is what Republicans do best and, quite frankly, I believe it is the only way Republicans ever have a chance of winning elections because if it were easier for a lot of disenfranchised people to vote in this country, I don’t think Republicans would ever win anything anymore.

Voter disenfranchisement through restrictive voting laws and gerrymandering are the only lifelines that Republicans have in The United States political arena unless, of course, they are suddenly counting insurrection as one of their weapons to gain power.

Republicans (Most of the ones who have managed to grab the reins of power) seem to me to play a game of “One for you, two for me …Three for you and four for me …”

I guess their loss of the Oval Office during the election of 2020 burned their asses enough to scare them into pushing hard for all kinds of brand new laws intended to narrow the field. Reports have it that the Rethugs have come up with no less than One Hundred new legislative proposals designed to offset the horrors they faced during the unprecedented huge voter turnout …. the turnout that turned Orange Guy out to pasture and fueled the fires of conspiratorial theories about rigged elections in 2020.

I am not an expert in the field of politics but I firmly believe that you are going to see the Repukes working their little asses off as time goes by to get rid of mail-in balloting altogether.

I gotta tell you, folks, that I am less in favor of mail-in ballots myself than I am of some system whereby voters can use their computers to cast their votes. I am hoping somebody will come up with that idea pretty soon …. If they do, I will wager that you will see the Right Wing Internet Technicians going all out trying to invent software with which to queer elections in their favor. I think if you are searching for promising new investment opportunities, those kinds of software trends just might be profitable as all hell.

I can’t wait to see the day come when a person who casts a ballot has to have a Republican and a Democrat and an Independent physically present to watch them sign their ballots. Imagine how much the election process could be slowed down by that one as all the witnesses bring suit against each other contesting whether the signature they were witnessing was actually the legal signature of the person who was writing it down before their eyes. The Repubtards would really go for something like that, wouldn’t they?

Another pain in the right wing tush (Butt) (A**) is Sunday voting. Imagine how many Black People could be prevented from casting their ballots if the Repubs were able to do away with early voting on Sundays! And, if I am not mistaken, don’t most Black People tend to vote for Democrats?

Another goody that I believe will be in the works before too long is calls from the Right Wing for new, more restrictive, more difficult voter ID laws to be passed. If it were me, I would allow use of that “Real ID” that everybody is supposed to have to get on an airplane …. but I am sure that will not be good enough for the Republicans …. not good enough for a voter to use as his personal identification for voting purposes. We will see how that one turns out.

And what is all this about again? I believe it is all about the Republicans thinking they can’t win any elections unless they can somehow change the rules of the election game in their favor.

And you know what? Statistically they are correct in their assumption that they are losers.

The Danger Of Exploring Mars

This is the famous red planet:

The world is going to spend fortunes attempting to journey to the dead planet Mars but I believe they are taking gambles that might have devastating consequences for us back here on Earth.

My greatest fear is that Martian Explorers will, indeed, find microbial life on the planet and will bring some of those microbes back home to earth for study.

Probably the very same microbes that crawled out of a Martian sea eons ago and began the long, slow process of eating everything and everybody then alive … first the Martian microbes turned the seas into gelatinous mass and the gelatinous mass solidified into solid rock.

After that, the Martian microbes ate all the plant and animal life on the planet until we have the beautiful red dead orb that we are so intent on visiting in these modern times.

If you think the coronavirus pandemic is something, just wait until you see what an unleashed microbe from the Planet Mars can and probably will do to life on earth!

I Will Keep It Short And Simple

I applaud the world for bringing us “Black History Month.” That is basically all I have seen and heard on TV and radio all this month and I have no problem with it.

But, in the name of fairness, I contend that we now need to have “White History Month” too!

After that, we need “Indigenous American Month”.

Let us not forget “Asian American Month.”

How about remembering to add “Hisapanic American Month?”

Do we have an LGBT month yet? We should!

Let us be as inclusive as we can with calendar dates and celebrations, shall we?

Thousands Of Live Creatures In Pillows And Other Good Stuff

I am the last person on the face of the earth to be suggesting to other people what they should be doing with their personal routines, but I am going to share some ideas about getting out of bed in the morning that I think other people might find interesting … and in some cases, maybe a little useful too.

Did you know that some dermatologists say that the pillow you sleep on every night contains almost as many microbes as the toilet seat in your bathroom?

Good argument for frequently changing bed pillow casings if you ask me. LOL. Almost gives new meaning to the term, “S**t-faced!”

I had a dermatologist tell me once, “Don’t wash anything unless it is really dirty. You might dry out your skin and cause problems.”

So these days, I find myself washing my face before going to bed at night and once again in the morning on arising because during the night I collect billions of dead skin cells all over my body and that is very yucky for me to think about.

I used to think that using cold water to wash my face in the morning was a swell idea until I found out that lukewarm is much better because lukewarm gets the cleaning job done and does not offer the shock value of cold. I need to be relaxed when I awake in the morning — I will reserve any shocks to my system for later on in the day when I feel like I am better prepared to deal with them.

By the way, while I am on this subject let me also suggest to you that it is better to wash your face before you wash your behind parts …. especially if you use the same washcloth for both. LOL.

Now onto some more interesting information — There is a theory out there (Unproven I think) that you can tell a person who is more personally motivated than another person by observing their bathing habits.

For example, I have heard that the really highly-motivated successful people in this world always wash the upper parts of their body before the lower parts and that people who tend to be slothful or losers start their bathing in the bottom regions of their physique. If this is true, then it is my opinion that it would also be true that if you feel the need to motivate yourself to higher achievements in life, you should wash your face before your anus. LOL. It is apparently more desirable to choose face over a** anytime! I am of the opinion that this works best for the more esoteric thinkers among us (Or those more inclined toward pragmatism and practicality ) than those driven by a sort of neanderthalic-analism …. like a lot of radical conservatives.

If you think your face attracts and holds onto a lot of nasty invisible stuff, you should imagine what the rest of your body does ….There are unpleasant secretions from orifices that can stink once they begin to decay … the space between toes is notorious for this …. one can only envision what transpires in the realm of intimate undergarments. —- Plenty reason enough for my daily morning shower!

Finally, I would like to tell you that I much prefer meeting the world around me smelling like a fresh-cut lemon than smelling like ….. a fish. Because I wear cologne, I have been told I smell like a Two-Dollar Harlot sometimes …. but I am of the opinion that any kind of harlot (Me included) would rather smell like a rose than like a field of fresh cow manure.

So, I have developed an affinity for soap and water over the years.

By the way, you might want to bookmark this blog so that you can visit more easily in the future because I have to tell you, in all professorial humility at my command, that this is the kind of education you can only get from these pages.

P.S. You might consider sharing my remarkable genius with friends and associates. LOL

The Ultimate Price Of Radical Right-Wing Bigotry …

One thing is that they (The Trumptards) must, for the most part, pay the price for being totally racist! And do not try to kid me because I have dealt with a lot of radical right wing Conservative types who claim they are not prejudiced but whose prejudices are as obvious in their choices and actions as a penis protruding from a forehead.

There are hundreds of reports all over the place about all the things that have happened as a result of the hate spewed out of the mouth of Trump and his supporters and a lot of people, including some of my idiot relatives who are pushing the lie that all this hate is part of something called “The New Normal” when there is nothing at all “Normal” about any of it!

The new “Hate Movement” inspired by Trumpism showed its ugly face at the U.S. Capitol during the insurrection of a few weeks ago —– It shows its ugly face in all the kids separated from their parents at the borders — It shows itself in the construction of that wall on the borders —- It shows itself in the almost complete denial of the coronavirus pandemic and the botched response to it by the trumpets— The list goes on and on and on as does the denialism of Trump and his demented cronies and supporters.

Trump’s nationalistic agenda of racism began the minute he came down that escalator on the first day of his first campaign for President and proclaimed the evils of the Mexicans crossing the border.

It is not hard to see the significance of all the confederate flags displayed proudly by the Trumpsters — waving symbols of racism — cannot be denied — is easily recognizable and is done by a very large number of his minions all across this great land of ours. Trump has done more to encourage his supporters to be openly racist than almost any other human being in History. But, the sane citizens of The United States have recognized the poison, the evil in this movement of hate and have been pushing back against it … Thank God!

All during all of this chaos, the unrelenting voice of “Hate Radio” has been blaring its insidious voice in support of this moral darkness. Recently, there has been a big dent in that voice — and the world is better off for it. (Do not try to bait me on this one … figure it out!)

It came as no surprise to me when I heard that some of the rioters at the Capitol have since claimed that they thought their actions of destruction would carry no consequences because they believed they were being ordered on their mission of treasonous treachery by Trump himself …Now it comes to my attention that a lot of the members of those disorganized and scattered little private militia groups actually believe that they are free to attack anyone and everyone they despise …ethnic minorities, homosexuals … whoever they set their sights of hate upon — They reportedly think it is now alright …. They think they are defending America with their hateful outbursts and actions ….but the decent members of society are awakening to the dangers these fools pose to the democracy and I am certain that sooner or later the little pseudo-conservative haters are going to find themselves involved in a day of reckoning and I can’t wait to see it happen because I believe those fools deserve everything that comes at them. I just pray that their day of reckoning will come via legal and peaceful means rather than by the means that they, themselves seem to believe to be their avenue of salvation.

Since the apparent canonization of Trump by the violence-prone right wingers, and because the congress has a number of their ardent supporters legally seated in the halls of government, I believe we will see a constant growth in their courage to go forth with their agenda of trying to destroy the democracy and establish themselves in permanent authority over every facet of American Life. But, by the same token, I also believe that decency will prevail in the end because I believe the Real Americans are decent and moral to the core and good always overcomes evil.

I believe that these bigots will discover that when the rubber meets the road, the vast majority of decent, law-abiding Americans will reject their agenda and will work feverishly to bring America back to where America needs to be.

Texas Under Siege

Good old Republican-dominated Texas finds itself in the middle of a natural disaster of incalculable proportions, and very much out of character for normally extremely independent Republicans, they have reached out their needy hands to the Federal Government for disaster relief ….. and more than likely (In my opinion) for anything else they can get.

It has long been my understanding that Right Wingers such as those who control Texas’ daily affairs are intrinsically violently opposed to accepting any kind of help from what they term “Big Government” and even when their own citizens are in desperate need, they have been reported to have responded to those needs with the attitude of “You are on your own and if you can’t solve your own problems, then there must have been a flaw in your upbringing.”

But now, it seems that all that show and blow that the right wingers inTexas are fond of spouting in the face of the Fed has done an about face turn to pleading for help from the very Big Government they claim to hate so much and which they often brag about “I ain’t taking no handouts from no government!”

As much as I sympathize with the plight of the individual Texan during this present weather emergency, I am still tempted to look some of those cowboy leaders in their government down there and say, “Sink or swim, buddy! You think you are so damned smart, so damned big, so damned independent of the rest of America …. go and find your own relief funds and stop harping about your problems to the Federal Government that you say you hate so much!”

Are White People Being Preferred For Receiving Covid Vaccines?

There is some concern among some people out there that White People in The United States might be getting their covid-19 immunizations more easily than those of other ethnicities.

I have read other articles on the Internet and elsewhere that claim that people who live in areas where zip codes indicate an area of more or less massive wealth per capita are also receiving preferential treatment in the administration of the shots.

I know that a lot of this might be conjecture, but it appears to be having an effect on people who hear about it and in some cases, anger is very visible when the subject is broached.

One case I read about involves some statements made to a television interviewer indicating that Dr. Fauci, the lead virologist for the white house believes that white communities are having an easier time getting the vaccines than are communities of color.

I could snark this out a little bit here and remind people that, as far as I can tell, and as far as I believe, there are more white communities in The United States at the present time than there are communities of color and that might have something to do with it.

There is another consideration related to this question that I think a lot of people are overlooking …. That consideration is that the general population might be having one heck of a time even making an appointment to get a shot and once they get their appointments …..if they do indeed get their appointments …. then the vaccine is in such short supply that those appointments might get cancelled or rescheduled …..and those facts might have something to do with one kind of community getting more shots than another …. but in sum and in total, when you consider all the factors involved in the entire distribution situation, the problem might not be a problem of race after all … but more of a problem concerned with supply and demand.

My question, in all fairness, now becomes, “Why do the media have to mention race at all in connection with problems in the vaccine distribution? Why does the media seem to me to delight in stoking those kinds of fires of discontent? Why can’t we just hear that several million people have gotten the shot and several more million are still waiting to get theirs? Why does every conversation in The United States have to become either racial or political?

Just another reason for me to believe that it is the Media who is responsible for the divide in America ….I first realized the extent of the divided America way back when I heard the governor of Alaska talking about Red States and Blue States and when I heard my first Rush Limbaugh broadcasts lambasting the Liberals for almost everything that was wrong with the country. The anger and the angst from the Media has not ceased since those early days and has, in fact, even increased and is getting louder with each passing day.

You know what? There is something else about this idea that Black People are being under served with the vaccines …… How about this: Many Black People are reported to have been refusing to take the vaccines because Black People have had some horrible experiences with Government and vaccines in the past …. and they simply do not have much faith either in the government that failed them so miserably or in vaccines in general because of their past negative experiences with them. Could these facts reasonably factor into a claim that Black People are being under served with the vaccines? Is that a reasonable hypothesis?

Listen Carefully To The Cows

The Next time you come close to a herd of cows or when you see one or more of them in a fair or somewhere, listen carefully to the sounds they make because …. science claims that all cows “Moo” in a dialect specific to the region from which they come.

Brown, Cow, Mammal, Animal, Head, Meadow, Countryside

Therefore, cows from Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and other states will, reportedly, moo in a distinctive southern accent. Cows conversing in New England will exhibit certain intonations equal to the regional diction of states such as New York.

So, until we meet again, “Moooo, y’all!”

The picture of the cow here comes from PIXABAY.

Cleaning The Clogs

I always worry about cleaning the clogs out of my drains in the bathroom and the kitchen and I know that there are a lot of really harsh drain cleaners out there with the ability to harm pipes and cause expensive repair work.

Recently I have discovered something that I think works very well and does not make me worry so much about damaging the drains.

I have discovered that the first thing to do is to put maybe a half cup or more of ordinary baking soda down the drain once a week or so and follow that with a cup of very hot ordinary vinegar.

Let this mixture bubble and foam inside the drain and the pipes for about an hour and then flush it all out with ordinary water.

Somebody told me that I could get the same or a similar effect by using ordinary laundry bleach … the liquid bleach. But I still worry because a lot of the pipes in homes today are made of plastic and I have no idea about how bleach reacts with plastic … plus there are the fumes to contend with.

I hope you find this information to be useful.