The Covid 19 Vaccination Horror

I don’t know about you guys, but in the place where I reside, getting a covid 19 vaccine scheduled is like pulling bears’ teeth through a soda straw. We have all these pharmacies and grocery stores that are supposed to be giving the shots telling us that all appointments are already taken or … if you do get lucky enough to actually schedule an appointment they come along a few days later and tell you it is cancelled and they do it without a single word of explanation.

As I recall, The United States was fully capable of ramping up war production to meet the challenges of World War 2 …. As I recall, The United States had little or no trouble getting an ordinary series of regular seasonal flu shots invented, manufactured and distributed so that today anybody can get one with no hassle whatever.

The United States seems to have unlimited billions of dollars to spend on almost everything. Why, In God’s Name, do you suppose we are having such major difficulties getting covid 19 vaccine shots out to the general population? I will wager that most, if not all the super rich people in this country have either already gotten their shots or have them scheduled in such a manner that they will never have to worry about cancellations.

4 thoughts on “The Covid 19 Vaccination Horror

  1. Our vaccination programme is set out in strict order.
    1) Everyone over 80
    2) Everyone living in care homes.
    3) Carers in care homes and ‘essential’ medical workers.
    4) Everyone over 75.
    5) Everyone over 70.
    6) Everyone aged 65-70.
    I fall into category 6, so should get the jab sometime in March.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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