I’ve Got A Great Idea

How about some of you other bloggers that I have never heard from get on here and let me know that you can see my blog so that I will know that this whole blog thing isn’t some kind of hoax or something. I am thinking that this blog platform might be a swell platform for a kind of social media outlet or something like that …. but I don’t know whether I am visible to all but a certain few or not.

39 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Great Idea

  1. Its all OK, John!Ican see your blog too. 😉 The headlie sounds very impressive. Let hear whats going on in the new invented “orange free” Lol USA.
    Honestly, for the politics in Germany your former POTUS in my meaning was like the “fist in the eye”. I understand, that most of the citizens of the USA have had problems with him. Dont forget, he has German genes. :-)) Best wishes, Michael


  2. I have come over from Pete’s blog and can see you… as Cathy and others have said the best way to grow is to comment on other blogs…Not just nice blog but a meaningful comment as we all have our favourite niche don’t we? Be it music, laughter, politics, the environment, recipes, book reviews there are so many topics some we relate to some we don’t…All I will say is blog land is a friendly place you just have to work at it…Have a great weekend and thank you, John, for following CarolCooks 2 🙂

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  3. Hi, John. I am coming here from Pete’s reblog. It has taken me about 18 months to have about 800 followers. That comes through reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. For me, I try to stay away from politics on my blog personally, but I do comment on others occasionally. This is my escape from too much reality. There are also a number of ‘blog hops’ that are a good way to meet other bloggers. If you find a blog you appreciate, follow and comment. This community is kind and welcoming.

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  4. The reader defaults to showing posts only from people you follow. You can choose to switch to ‘search’ to find new stuff, but I never do and presume lots of others are the same. So only the people who follow your blog will see your posts in the reader.
    Came over from Pete’s blog.

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    1. You are right, GP, thanks for reminding me. I have been working on this thing for more than 10 years (On and off again) and I understand that I might not be the world’s greatest authority on everything .. even though I might sound like I think that from time to time … but my hyper-ego is always intended as theater. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate you.

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    1. That is so very kind of you, Pete, but people should be able to see me on the “Reader” and I am assuming there are thousands and thousands of people who view the “Reader.” Nevertheless, thank you for the reblog. That is extremely kind and generous and I sincerely appreciate it.

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