Dangerous Lack Of Accountability

I am sure most of the radical right wingers in the government of the United States (and there are a notable number of them now, all properly legally, if not morally, elected) will be juiced up enough to auto-ejaculate once their precious “Trump” is acquitted in the current impeachment trial — and all evidence is pointing (In my more-than-adequately-superior prognosticative abilities) to a full acquittal .

This will, of course, set the stage for similar homegrown terrorist activities as we witness at the capitol in days to come and, quite possibly, even the rise of some political strongman in the future who will excersize his office in full and total disregard for the traditional American concept of “Rule of Law” — a man who will become, for all intents and purposes, the first American dictator.

Oh well … I have read where a significant number of Americans now favor a swing to a more fascist-style of government anyway, so maybe this impeachment attempt and its sure failure will set the stage for the equivalent of The First American Dictatorship to actually materialize and become active in some distant time frame. (Not too distant, if you want my opinion.).

If not an actual, died-in-the-wool dictatorship, then, perhaps, another kind of system where authoritarianism outflanks, outruns, and overtakes any form of democratic governmental expression. — (Think Orwellianism.)

My hopes are that the greater majority of The American People have not yet lost the last vestiges of their spines, will recognize the danger of the events that are unfolding before our very eyes, realize the imminent actual threats being posed to our very democratic system of government and will fix the situation at the polls if ever there is another election.

I think we can assume that the impending acquittal in this present impeachment attempt is a sure open door to more independent insurrectionism by elected officials at all levels of our government in the days and years to come and I am equally sure that known and/or rogue elements now operative in our own Senate and House of Representatives are chomping at the bit to start their legislative climb to a position where such horrors can easily become reality and the average Citizen won’t have a thing to say about any of it ….so the time to start thinking about the value of a vote is now … not at some time in the future.

Somebody really needs to take a close look at the dangers of over-gerrymandering in our various voting districts.

I shudder to think that in future elections, the loser can actually work a successful coup and reverse the will of the People by simply insisting that the election was stolen. I think that if this present situation is glossed over or laughed off, the possibility of stealing elections by issuing endless complaints about the procedures will become so common place that we might never see a stable government again for decades to come.

Author: John

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