There are many reputable and knowledgeable people who believe that Donald Trump incited an armed, violent mob to invade the US Capitol and kill his Republican Vice President, Mike Pence, before Pence could certify the nation’s choice for a new president. Five people died. The mission failed. But the Senate acquitted the defendant of all wrongdoing, so the stage is set for more of either the same or similar horrors in the future.

Now that Trump has been acquitted and the noise and fury of the sham impeachment is over, the former president is now free to go ahead and try to implement whatever plans for future control over America that he chooses.

Before I go on with this diatribe let me draw your attention to the people who voted against convicting the president during the impeachment trial sham …..The people who voted against conviction actually voted ‘for’ an open door for such things or similar things to happen at some future date … and, in the processing of casting their votes against conviction, demonstrated their unquestionable devotion to willingly become victims themselves of any such future shenanigans. It appears to me that his supporters are actually willing to die for him in much the same manner that Christians are often willing to die for Christ.

In line with what I just said, I am sure the impeachment results (The acquittal) have energized certain others in his “Base” and one example of what Americans now have to contend with is this:


Alexander said he had been plotting how to do away with the free press and other “systems that control us”: “So I want you guys to know that I’ve been licking my wounds, but I’ve been plotting, I’ve been planning, I’ve been scheming because we have to do away with this whole system. The free press is not free, and they’re not the press, they need to be abolished. The systems that control us have to be abolished.”

“I’m going to create a society, and a community, and a culture, and a language for [Trump supporters], and there are tens of millions of us. … Winning can just be 10 million people creating a new megacity,” he mused. “Let’s build our own city, let’s seriously build our own city, let’s build a back-up city in South America.”(UNQUOTE)

Read More —- Here —–https://www.alternet.org/2021/02/stop-the-steal/

We need to do something about the rogue elements in the Republican Party. (On second thought, maybe we don’t need to do anything because it looks to me like they will soon be a member of some new party that Trump might decide to form.)

What’s your opinion?

Author: John

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  1. They have reported here that he might form the new ‘Patriot Party’, and set up his own social network for his followers. If he does that, there can be no denying that he truly is thinking of trying to overthrow the current system.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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