This Winter Weather Sucks!

That is what people in the areas that have been stricken with the big snow storms and other winter miseries this week are telling me.

I am hearing about the power outages and the fallen trees and the heavy snow burdens facing people and their snow blowers. This is to be expected in this kind of emergency, of course. No major winter storm is ever much fun for adults and homeowners and people who absolutely have to travel. These storms bring their share of tragedies too!

I agree with those who are saying “This Weather Sucks!”

But I am also grateful that we are still alive and that there is food in the house and that, for the time being, barring any unforseen circumstances, we are warm and, for the most part, well as can be expected.

I remember one time when we had a wind storm that downed all the power lines and we went without electricity for 10 days.

Right now, I am giving thanks that things haven’t gotten that bad for us here where we live yet. Of course, things could change at any minute! That is how the weather works.

Our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers do go out to those who have suffered or who are suffering because of this mess.

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