Covid-19 Variants Prolong The Dangers Of The Virus Even More Than Ever Before!

The new coronavirus variants are reportedly making the things that we once thought were safe to do even more contagious than ever before ….

Just as the vaccines have hit the markets and some states are lifting coronavirus-related restrictions, the new strains have appeared causing the lifting of restriction to become relatively meaningless according to experts.

Example: Some people think that just because they have received their complete series of covid-19 vaccines (both shots) it is now safe for them to gather together in clusters at dinners, parties and what have you and that masks can now be dispensed with and you can hug people freely once again. Sadly, this is not the case. These kinds of activities are even more to be avoided now than ever before in the face of the new viral strains of coronavirus circulating out there …. each of them up to a reported 70-percent more-easily transmissable than any that have come before.

The new catch phrase is, “Nobody is safe until everybody is safe.”

The on-going attitude of the crazies among the radical right-wingers and conspiracy theorists is, in my opinion, “We have always been safe because this virus has a 99-percent recovery rate and is no worse than the common cold.” Again, in my opinion, it is this kind of fool who makes himself or herself and loved ones …. and everyone that comes with a few feet of them highly supseptible to catching the potentially deadly pandemic disease. So keep your distance from them is what I say!

Let’s all do our part to try and keep ourselves and our loved ones out of the number of people in America who have died of Coronavirus. A number that now exceeds Four-Hundred Thousand (400,000) and is fast approaching the Half Million mark.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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