Texas Under Siege

Good old Republican-dominated Texas finds itself in the middle of a natural disaster of incalculable proportions, and very much out of character for normally extremely independent Republicans, they have reached out their needy hands to the Federal Government for disaster relief ….. and more than likely (In my opinion) for anything else they can get.

It has long been my understanding that Right Wingers such as those who control Texas’ daily affairs are intrinsically violently opposed to accepting any kind of help from what they term “Big Government” and even when their own citizens are in desperate need, they have been reported to have responded to those needs with the attitude of “You are on your own and if you can’t solve your own problems, then there must have been a flaw in your upbringing.”

But now, it seems that all that show and blow that the right wingers inTexas are fond of spouting in the face of the Fed has done an about face turn to pleading for help from the very Big Government they claim to hate so much and which they often brag about “I ain’t taking no handouts from no government!”

As much as I sympathize with the plight of the individual Texan during this present weather emergency, I am still tempted to look some of those cowboy leaders in their government down there and say, “Sink or swim, buddy! You think you are so damned smart, so damned big, so damned independent of the rest of America …. go and find your own relief funds and stop harping about your problems to the Federal Government that you say you hate so much!”

Author: John

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10 thoughts on “Texas Under Siege”

  1. Excellent post John. I heard yesterday, somewhere, and I’m not sure where, that Texas has billions in a rainy day fund. Maybe not true. But if it is, it’s time they start cutting checks to the people in that state. Especially the ones being hit with $$$$$ in electric bills. What a complete disgrace.

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    1. Dear brookingslib — First of all, thank you for your most appreciated comment. Secondly, Ohio has a rainy day fund too but nobody knows how much is in it and that is where they stick a lot of the monies that were earmarked for schools and for municipalities …besides which, the Ohio fund is impervious to investigation by the very law that created it …. I am sure it is in somebody’s pockets.

      If Texas has such a fund, I am sure they will delay any dipping into it until they can squeeze all the taxpayer money out of the Fed that the market will allow. And given the notoriously corrupt Conservative movement today, I also call into question how much of any Fed bailout money will actually make it to the poor inundated common citizens who need it? (Think Haitian Relief Scandal.).

      In these kinds of scrapes (Remember New Orleans and Katrina) there were reported billions of dollars in donations and relief going to that area and years later there are still folds who haven’t received a dime in relief. I am sure Texas is no different.

      That deregulated electric thing down there is downright egregious. But it is highly representative of Conservative government principles that call for little or no intervention of Big government into private business. That is the fallacy of some of the radical conservative principle … all the wealth flows to the top and it stays at the top and screw the little guy!

      I am positively thrilled to have received your comment today. You are always welcome here whether we agree or not. I am very open to everything except personal abuse … so please feel free to comment anytime you wish. I value you and I value your viewpoiints.

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      1. Thanks for that John and I appreciate the back and forth. You mentioned Ohio, are you from there by chance? I spent the first 42 years of my life there and then moved out to the West Coast. The gerrymandering there is a travesty. The state has definitely drifted far-right, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the gerrymandered districts, or something more. I do have hope that maybe Tim Ryan can win the Senate seat being vacated by Rob Portman. It would be pretty cool to have he and Sherrod Brown as their two Senators.

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    1. Dear beetleypete — They are not about to endanger all those welfare checks, you can bet your bottom dollar on that! As long as there is a Fed to do the handouts, they will remain a bitching, whining, complaining and ungrateful state.

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  2. Dear RawGod —- Regardless of my personal opinion, I am sure that the Fed will rush to their assistance … like always … so no problem there. They will receive Federal help and will bitch and whine and complain because they will think it is not enough … like they always do … but the Fed will do the humanitarian thing and that is cool with me. I just know that if the shoe were on the other foot, we would be told to fend for ourselves because that is the nature of the beast they have created and that they serve.

    In the meanwhile, forget about offending me. I am beyond offense. You are always welcome here to express yourself whether you agree with me on issues or not. I am honored that you have chosen to comment on American Liberal Times and I am more than pleased to have this exchange of ideas.

    As a further explanation of my feeling on the issue I want to tell you that I agree with Lobotero (Chuq) who has posted his take on the issue where he has said, “This is a problem of their own making….I blame the voter for this for they believe crap and voted for just what that have gotten. As my grandfather would say…”if you gonna be stupid you gotta be strong”. chuq


  3. This is a problem of their own making….I blame the voter for this for they believe crap and voted for just what that have gotten. As my grandfather would say…”if you gonna be stupid you gotta be strong”. chuq


  4. Flash! Or is it You have been flashed by a guy in a spiritual trenchcoat. Or, whatever. Feelings like that are tempting, but getting back at the leaders does not do much for rank-and-file Texans. They are the ones suffering, not the bombastic 1%ers who are the usual elected suspects.
    I am Candian, so really can’t say much about Texans, we don’t hear much about them up here. They, like you, are just Americans–to us. Seems that might not be the case. But if their other elected officials are anything like the recently fired mayor of Colorado City, then I can see your point.
    But that still doesn’t help those who truly need help.
    Maybe it is time your oil barons stepped in to do some good for the people on whose backs they made their wealth. Naw! That will never happen!

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    1. Here is the problem with your most compassionate response: It is the “Rank and File” Texans who latch onto the lies of their elected leaders that cause them to cast votes for their elected leaders in the first place. This shows me that the poor suffering rank and file must not be any more intelligent than the bums they vote for, are birds of a feather and are well deserving of a shared fate in times of desolation. They get no sympathy from me on these grounds alone. If they can use their present sufferings to wise up and to see how their elected officials don’t care whether they live or die and vote them out in the next election, then I might get a little bit more sympathy toward them. What I am telling you is that those poor suffering “Rank and File” people brought all this upon themselves by casting their votes for total idiots in the first place … takes one to know one. Birds of a feather. I believe you can safely wager that if the leaders of Texas were in a position to vote assistance for the people of some state other than their own in similar circumstances, they would vote it down … and they have donethis in times past …. Republican leaders is what I am talking about …. I have seen cases where those kinds of leaders in other states have voted against assistance for their fellow Americans in other states …. but when the rooster comes home to them, they change their tune in a hurry and start playing the poor innocent victim themselves …. I say let Karma perform her work for these people and it might wake them up.


      1. I understand your frustration, if you can call it that, but they are still living beings, and deserve the right to be alive to learn how to change. If they are fighting for survival against everyone else around them for limited resources, they are too busy fighting go have the time to contemplate their lives, and make changes where changes are needed. On top of that, those who do not survive lose out on the opportunity to change.
        Dear John, if you refuse help to those in need, you become part of the problem by not being not being part of the solution.
        I love you for being strong enough to state your position, but I cannot like you if your position is anti-life.
        Having said that, your position is yours, and you are allowed to have it. I can state my position as I just did above, but you have no obligation to me or anyone else to be anyone but you. In a perfect world, you would set aside your frustrations and examine your position from all sides. Is this a position you came to all by yourself, or is it a position someone else taught you to have, whether you are aware of where it came from or not. There are so many ideas and ideals we pick up frothe the authority people around us growing up, that we absorb them without question. Or maybe it was taught directly to you? The difference being, if the position is one you came to all on your own, then you can own it. If it came to you from someone or somewhere else, then it needs to be re-examined in the light of the person you are today, and in light of the person you want to be tomorrow. If you love who you are, and and want to continue being who you are, go for it. But if you do not like yourself regarding the position under consideration, and you want to be a different person, then find out who it is you want to be. What kind of change would be needed to help you love yourself? If you can see the change, make it happen.
        Or disregard everything I just said, tell me to fuck myself, and move on to the next post. The choice is always yours, and no one else’s.
        I will continue to read your posts, and to make comments, pro, con, or neutral, when I feel so inspired. Hopefully one post or one comment does not enemies make. There is more to a person than can be seen in one meeting.

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