The Ultimate Price Of Radical Right-Wing Bigotry …

One thing is that they (The Trumptards) must, for the most part, pay the price for being totally racist! And do not try to kid me because I have dealt with a lot of radical right wing Conservative types who claim they are not prejudiced but whose prejudices are as obvious in their choices and actions as a penis protruding from a forehead.

There are hundreds of reports all over the place about all the things that have happened as a result of the hate spewed out of the mouth of Trump and his supporters and a lot of people, including some of my idiot relatives who are pushing the lie that all this hate is part of something called “The New Normal” when there is nothing at all “Normal” about any of it!

The new “Hate Movement” inspired by Trumpism showed its ugly face at the U.S. Capitol during the insurrection of a few weeks ago —– It shows its ugly face in all the kids separated from their parents at the borders — It shows itself in the construction of that wall on the borders —- It shows itself in the almost complete denial of the coronavirus pandemic and the botched response to it by the trumpets— The list goes on and on and on as does the denialism of Trump and his demented cronies and supporters.

Trump’s nationalistic agenda of racism began the minute he came down that escalator on the first day of his first campaign for President and proclaimed the evils of the Mexicans crossing the border.

It is not hard to see the significance of all the confederate flags displayed proudly by the Trumpsters — waving symbols of racism — cannot be denied — is easily recognizable and is done by a very large number of his minions all across this great land of ours. Trump has done more to encourage his supporters to be openly racist than almost any other human being in History. But, the sane citizens of The United States have recognized the poison, the evil in this movement of hate and have been pushing back against it … Thank God!

All during all of this chaos, the unrelenting voice of “Hate Radio” has been blaring its insidious voice in support of this moral darkness. Recently, there has been a big dent in that voice — and the world is better off for it. (Do not try to bait me on this one … figure it out!)

It came as no surprise to me when I heard that some of the rioters at the Capitol have since claimed that they thought their actions of destruction would carry no consequences because they believed they were being ordered on their mission of treasonous treachery by Trump himself …Now it comes to my attention that a lot of the members of those disorganized and scattered little private militia groups actually believe that they are free to attack anyone and everyone they despise …ethnic minorities, homosexuals … whoever they set their sights of hate upon — They reportedly think it is now alright …. They think they are defending America with their hateful outbursts and actions ….but the decent members of society are awakening to the dangers these fools pose to the democracy and I am certain that sooner or later the little pseudo-conservative haters are going to find themselves involved in a day of reckoning and I can’t wait to see it happen because I believe those fools deserve everything that comes at them. I just pray that their day of reckoning will come via legal and peaceful means rather than by the means that they, themselves seem to believe to be their avenue of salvation.

Since the apparent canonization of Trump by the violence-prone right wingers, and because the congress has a number of their ardent supporters legally seated in the halls of government, I believe we will see a constant growth in their courage to go forth with their agenda of trying to destroy the democracy and establish themselves in permanent authority over every facet of American Life. But, by the same token, I also believe that decency will prevail in the end because I believe the Real Americans are decent and moral to the core and good always overcomes evil.

I believe that these bigots will discover that when the rubber meets the road, the vast majority of decent, law-abiding Americans will reject their agenda and will work feverishly to bring America back to where America needs to be.

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