The Danger Of Exploring Mars

This is the famous red planet:

The world is going to spend fortunes attempting to journey to the dead planet Mars but I believe they are taking gambles that might have devastating consequences for us back here on Earth.

My greatest fear is that Martian Explorers will, indeed, find microbial life on the planet and will bring some of those microbes back home to earth for study.

Probably the very same microbes that crawled out of a Martian sea eons ago and began the long, slow process of eating everything and everybody then alive … first the Martian microbes turned the seas into gelatinous mass and the gelatinous mass solidified into solid rock.

After that, the Martian microbes ate all the plant and animal life on the planet until we have the beautiful red dead orb that we are so intent on visiting in these modern times.

If you think the coronavirus pandemic is something, just wait until you see what an unleashed microbe from the Planet Mars can and probably will do to life on earth!

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

4 thoughts on “The Danger Of Exploring Mars”

  1. Microbes or not, I just think it is all a monumental waste of money that could be better spent trying to stop climate change that will actually kill off the human race.
    Anyway, I will probably be long dead before any potential Martian Plague ravages the Earth.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Agreed but big corporations do not make big money saving the earth from problems they help create. No, they make huge money sending little packages to dead worlds millions of miles away. The profit returns are–wait for it–astronomical!

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  2. The samples taken will come back here in a few years….so there we are…..Sue theorized that Covid and ebola were microbes that were beought back in moon rocks… just took time to germinate. chuq


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