Republicans Boring From Within To Restrict Voting Again

After watching American politics for decades now, it doesn’t surprise me at all to learn that Republicans are, once again, doing some of the things that Republicans (Losers) do the best …… Their current gambit is to launch a firey and vigorous campaign, all across the country, to do what they can to make sure people can’t vote in our elections …. or to make sure that people have such a hard time voting that they will just get tired of all the red tape and stay at home on election day.

This is what Republicans do best and, quite frankly, I believe it is the only way Republicans ever have a chance of winning elections because if it were easier for a lot of disenfranchised people to vote in this country, I don’t think Republicans would ever win anything anymore.

Voter disenfranchisement through restrictive voting laws and gerrymandering are the only lifelines that Republicans have in The United States political arena unless, of course, they are suddenly counting insurrection as one of their weapons to gain power.

Republicans (Most of the ones who have managed to grab the reins of power) seem to me to play a game of “One for you, two for me …Three for you and four for me …”

I guess their loss of the Oval Office during the election of 2020 burned their asses enough to scare them into pushing hard for all kinds of brand new laws intended to narrow the field. Reports have it that the Rethugs have come up with no less than One Hundred new legislative proposals designed to offset the horrors they faced during the unprecedented huge voter turnout …. the turnout that turned Orange Guy out to pasture and fueled the fires of conspiratorial theories about rigged elections in 2020.

I am not an expert in the field of politics but I firmly believe that you are going to see the Repukes working their little asses off as time goes by to get rid of mail-in balloting altogether.

I gotta tell you, folks, that I am less in favor of mail-in ballots myself than I am of some system whereby voters can use their computers to cast their votes. I am hoping somebody will come up with that idea pretty soon …. If they do, I will wager that you will see the Right Wing Internet Technicians going all out trying to invent software with which to queer elections in their favor. I think if you are searching for promising new investment opportunities, those kinds of software trends just might be profitable as all hell.

I can’t wait to see the day come when a person who casts a ballot has to have a Republican and a Democrat and an Independent physically present to watch them sign their ballots. Imagine how much the election process could be slowed down by that one as all the witnesses bring suit against each other contesting whether the signature they were witnessing was actually the legal signature of the person who was writing it down before their eyes. The Repubtards would really go for something like that, wouldn’t they?

Another pain in the right wing tush (Butt) (A**) is Sunday voting. Imagine how many Black People could be prevented from casting their ballots if the Repubs were able to do away with early voting on Sundays! And, if I am not mistaken, don’t most Black People tend to vote for Democrats?

Another goody that I believe will be in the works before too long is calls from the Right Wing for new, more restrictive, more difficult voter ID laws to be passed. If it were me, I would allow use of that “Real ID” that everybody is supposed to have to get on an airplane …. but I am sure that will not be good enough for the Republicans …. not good enough for a voter to use as his personal identification for voting purposes. We will see how that one turns out.

And what is all this about again? I believe it is all about the Republicans thinking they can’t win any elections unless they can somehow change the rules of the election game in their favor.

And you know what? Statistically they are correct in their assumption that they are losers.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

5 thoughts on “Republicans Boring From Within To Restrict Voting Again”

  1. Excellent post John. Gee, you’d think they say to themselves, maybe we ought to change our ways? Maybe since we’re such a diverse country, how about proposing policies that help all people-not just the rich and white? Obviously, this is speaking a language to which they do not understand. It’s far easier for them to cheat, lie, and steal their way to power. The other way is just too much work.

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