Trump’s Loyal Admirers Have Little Faith In Real Republicans

I have thought for a long time now that we are going to end up with a new political party in The United States; “The Trump Party.”

I hope when his loyal fans get the new party started that it is more successful than a lot of his other ventures have been. Let me backtrack that statement: If they get a new Trump party started I hope it is as successful as his last run for President was. There! That is a better expression of how I feel about it. I get a little brain-fogged and tongue tied whenever I think of Trump. He has that effect on me.

However, unlike a lot of Trumpites and Trumpettes, his shadow falling across my space does not numb my brain to the point where I cannot have a coherent rational thought.

I saw something I couldn’t believe when I first saw it. But as I thought about what I was looking at, I began to believe it because it makes real sense. I saw a bunch of people embracing an actual metal statue of Trump at some political meeting somewhere. It occurred to me, “These idiots are worshiping their version of the Biblical golden calf; the same kind of idol that the disaffected followers of Moses built for themselves in the desert near Sinai.

Then I remembered how that God commanded “His People” not to erect idols for the sake of bowing down to them and worshiping them … and I began to get a clearer picture of exactly what is happening with this Trump phenomenon that has swept across our nation.

I have to say that I firmly believe that if something isn’t done to defuse that bunch of idiots, the future for America does not look at all bright!

The horror, as I see it, is that this bunch of Trumpian lunatics seem to actually be trying to reinvent the ideals and principles of traditional American Conservatism into a bastardization of tradition that reflects exclusively and only the definition of principles, aims, ambitions, goals and what have you as expressed by Trump himself.

In other words, I believe they are so hypnotized (Brainwashed) (Enamored)(In love with) by the man that they now perceive the Republican Party as an extension of Trump himself and their loyalty and devotion to him are what drives them and is what will define their political activities from now on.

I believe that because of the rise of this kind of passion among those kinds of people, those Capitol riots of January 6th are only the beginnings of something far darker and more sinister.

So far, they have started efforts to dismantle and replace the American voting system with something else entirely because of all the misinformation they have swallowed about how corrupt the voting system has become and how it robbed their icon of the presidency in the election of 2020. I think their idea of a perfect voting systems is one that absolutely insures that nobody else but a Republican can ever hold office in The United States again and that will allow somebody like Trump to become president for life.

I personally didn’t have a bit of trouble casting my vote this time around and I am proud to say that I voted for the winner. Also I cast my winning vote by ordinary mail and it got through alright and was counted despite all the claims from the Left about how disastrous the mail-in voting thing was! The mail-in ballot system wasn’t a disaster at all except to those Right Wing cockroaches who wanted to control the whole thing but couldn’t.

On another note, I, for one, am damned glad that we got ourselves a democrat government even if it only lasts for a short time because imagine where we would be right now if the covid-19 deny-ers were still ignoring the hundreds of thousands of deaths that were caused by the disease and were still preaching against the wearing of masks, social distancing and vaccine efficacy! If those idiots were still in control of the government at this point, I believe the 400-thousand deceased Americans would have exceeded a Million or more by this time and nobody would still be trying to do anything really effective about it.

You want to see how damned useless Republicans really are in a national crisis? Just look at how they are fighting right now to limit the Biden-Administration-Proposed coronavirus relief bill …. the $1.3 Trillion Covid relief package that you have heard about ….. The very thing we need to combat the virus, to support people who are falling through the cracks because of the pandemic, to support failing businesses, to shore up the economy in general, to give people a break and some hope — The damnable Right Wing is fighting all these critically-needed measures with everything they’ve got. That’s how damned much they are about you and me!

This new bunch of Trumptards have already indicated their desire to tear up the traditional Republican way of doing things and replace it all with the most holy and sacred words of Donald Trump! I even can smell a desire among them to rewrite the Constitution even though I have not seen or heard anything to indicate they might have come to that idea as yet. (Although the willingness shown by some of them to destroy the Capitol might be a precursor of this kind of extreme extremism.).

Now these people are even warning their own kind that Democrats and the American Left are the enemies of democracy. Can you envision the day when storm troopers of the New Trump-inspired right come marching down Main Street, U.S.A., herding Liberals into trucks and train cars for transport to some “Facility?”

One thing is for certain, as far as I can see … There will be no other Republican but Trump who will stand a Peck’s chance in hell of running for President in 2024 and I fully expect The Donald to come to the CPAC and declare himself (a) The true leader of the Republican Party and (b) The presumed nominee of the party for 2024. I believe he will use the same psychology in running for President again as he used when he declared that the Biden election was rigged (stolen). I believe he will say these things and I believe “His People” will believe these things and by reason of his merely vocalizing them, these things will come to pass …. possibly to the greater detriment of our beloved country.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Loyal Admirers Have Little Faith In Real Republicans”

  1. The Repuglies have shown they want Him at their helm, so there is no need for a new conservative party. What is needed is a union of non-cultists with the Democratic party to form a working force that can effect change so that no Him-wannabe will ever be able to take over an entire government ever again.


  2. There is talk of a third party….Repubs that will not support Trump….the GOP is firmly in the hands of the spineless douche so real conservs must look to the future and Trump ain’t it. chuq


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