Firestorm Erupts Over What Some See As Nazi Symbol In CPAC Stage Design!

Because photographs are so often copyrighted to the point where it is dangerous for small bloggers like myself to use them, I would direct my readers to Google, “CPAC Stage Design” and find a photo and pay attention to the way the walkway on the stage seems to represent an ancient rune once favored as a decoration of military uniforms by the Nazis of World War 2 Era.

But here is an image like the one I am talking about that I found on Wikipedia Commons —so I believe this one is safe to use here:

File:Odal, Othala Rune SS.png - Wikimedia Commons

There is reportedly a real shit storm of furor erupting on Twitter and elsewhere about this …. many people are outraged, the CPAC people are defending and justifying themselves in the use of the symbol …

I can still see Ted Cruz in my minds eye standing on this very stage while screeching about “Freedom!”

Some people claim that the particular design on this stage was some kind of happy accident and that nobody connected with designing the stage had Nazis on their mind when they designed it …. and other people are saying, “They knew exactly what they were doing when they designed it.”

Yes, I remember Cruz up on that stage yelling about “Freedom” and it occurred to me that I think I know what kind of freedom he is talking about: This kind of freedom: Freedom from democracy, justice, equality, affirmative action, voting rights, and diversity. Freedom to have this country turned into the image of trumpism, lies, gun toting hate for everyone who does not toe their ideological line.

Here is what man wrote about his ideas of why such symbolism is being used at the CPAC— “These extreme elements are very good at selling white supremacy, and white nationalism,as they extol the virtues of patriotism, individual rights, capitalism, and the preservation of the Constitution.The stage might be a subtle reference which only the savvy can discern.”

One person that I was reading had ideas similar to my own and those ideas follow this trajectory —- “The GOP doesn’t even try to hide their racist, violence-prone, oligarchic, white supremacist tendencies anymore so why should their use of supportive symbolism come as a shock to any of us?

What do YOU think … coincidence? happy accident? intentional?

Here is what the fact finder says about it —-

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

4 thoughts on “Firestorm Erupts Over What Some See As Nazi Symbol In CPAC Stage Design!”

  1. I’m not so sure they are intelligent enough to have thought that through. But someone else might have done that for them. Did you ever watch ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, John? I think that is a true vision of the America the far-right conservatives would love to see.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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