Joy In The Morning, Joy In The Evening …!

Have you ever sat down somewhere and contemplated the question, “Where do I find joy in my life and where do I find it most easily and often?

I don’t know how many people who might stop by here to read actually do such reflective thinking but I am of the opinion that doing this kind of inner reflection can be valuable in “Centering” one’s self when centering is needed.

Is there a difference between actual “Joy” and just being glad about something or pleased with something? Is “Joy” the more intense vocalization of “Happiness” — is it synonimical or antonymical to the word itself …. “Joy?”

Does a great meal in the company of friends, associates, acquaintances or loved ones cause “Joy” or does it just satiate the bio-yearnings of a physiology that cries for maintenance?

Does consensual sex with a willing partner ignite “Joy” or is such an experience just pleasurable to the autonomic nervous system and comforting in that it satisfies one of the strongest physical urges in the Human universe?

I wonder, sometimes, if we are not often guilty of expecting too much out of an experience that other people might consider to be “Joyous” or Joyful?” The question arises, “Does “Joy” rise to the tone, temperament and intensity of “Bliss” or are the two words too much alike in their meaning to make any difference in the application?

Are there degrees of joy? For example, would the “Joy” of entering into the gates of Heaven be different or more intense than, say, the joy in learning that the blocked bowel is not cancer after all?

Maybe the sense of “Joy” rests in the experiences, expectations, prejudices and biases of the person experiencing something they take great pleasure or satisfaction indulging themselves in. For example, would one person enjoy the slimy caress and perpetual smile of their pet snake as much or more than the person who holds their furry little kitten?

Would the “Joy” of being granted a divorce from an abusive marriage equal or exceed the joy expressed in the wedding when it first took place?

I have heard that some people can experience joy just from cuddling a stuffed animal.

Does anybody ever wonder about these things?

Do you?

I believe that we can all find ways to invoke (create) joy in our lives or in the lives of others if we truly want to. The question is, “Do we really want to? Is there anything to be gained by bringing joy to other people rather than seeking joy for ourselves … unless, of course, we find joy in helping others … and if that is the case, it is a whole new ballgame altogether.

8 thoughts on “Joy In The Morning, Joy In The Evening …!

  1. I guess I find joys in simple things….watching birds feed on the block, baking with my granddaughter, just sitting and talking with my partner Sue, cooking, just keep it simple and joy will flow. chuq

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  2. Have you ever read “The Third Eye” by T. Lobsang Rampa? That was my introduction to aesoterica. By the way, people not understanding us is not an inhibiting factor to the centered person. The centered person understands his Oneness with all that is and has no need of the common emotional stimuli and barriers that construct and guide the lesser forms among us.


  3. Having spent a few of my younger years as a practicing Tibetan Buddhist, I learned to straddle the middle path–nothing too low, nothing too high. There are many angles to approach joy and sorrow from, but I’ll choose pain and pleasure. Pain can be anything from slight annoyance to completely debilitating. Pleasure can be anything from a gentle smile to an ultimate sexual multiple orgasm. The range is extremely wide. While the highs are life-affirming, the lows can be life destroying. Walking the middle path actually keeps me mostly content, sometimes happy; mostly neutral, sometimes a bit sad. Living a balanced life, riding an even keel, might not be exciting, but it is seldom stressful.
    I never think about joy anymore, but I don’t know I ever really did. Watching dear father’s explosive mood-swings, which always ended up in violence to someone, made me question emotions. I swore I would never be like him, but I failed twice in my life. It is so much easier just being me.
    Introspection is a daily occurrence, and has been as long as I can remember, no matter what my religious/philosophical/atheistic leanings at the time–the key being intro, or interior. I never look outside, or consider how others see me. I do work on being someone I can be happy being, someone most people can get along with. Those who do not want to be around me do not like themselves, and think I am trying to show them up. They don’t understand.

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