If The Shoe Fits

Have you ever tried to stuff your feet into shoes that do not fit … kind of like it used to be in the military? If the distance between the size of your feet and the size of the shoe is out of balance, you are in a bad position. Would you buy shoes if this distance was out of balance? Have you done so … willingly? — Because you had no other choice?

I pay a lot of attention to my shoes and to my feet and I am never in the mood to get a scratch on either of these …. although I think I would rather have a scuff on a shoe than a scratch on a foot … call me picky!

It is imperative to me that I always choose the proper shoe to fit the situation I find myself in. If I am going to be somewhere where a loincloth is the required attire, then I am sure something on the order of moccasins will be my choice. But if I am going to a cocktail party at the Gourmet Room atop the hotel, then I think some suave hand-made Italian imports would be all the rage. But I do refuse to pay $2,000 for a single pair of shoes, so the Italian ones have to give place to the German ones.

I never try to wear horse shoes.

I have tried to wear horse shoes before, but they were totally uncomfortable and made me look like I was always up for a game of … wait for it ….horse shoes! LOL!

There are two ways that I buy shoes. I like buying them online at a place called “Shoes.Com” where I have always gotten quality merchandise, delivered quickly and always a perfect fit. My second method for buying shoes is to have a concierge do a personal fitting in a penthouse. You might have guessed by this time that I buy most of mine on the Internet, right?

I do love well-made comfortable shoes but these days I am more inclined to something like a running shoe or a walking shoe or a sneaker than I am to some shiny leather traditional footwear … unless, of course, I am going to go down a red carpet somewhere or if I am going to be sipping Benedictine with some swells in $4,000 suits on a yacht somewhere …. which kinds of occasions are as rare as hens’ teeth for me …because I am a simple person with simple tastes and a budget to fit my persona … which isn’t very much by any definition.

What’s your shoe story?

Can I remember the first pair of shoes I ever bought for myself? They were something called “Florsheim” and they were good-looking and expensive but very impressive worn in tandem with a pair of well-starched blue jeans, a sport coat and pull-over sweater and a wallet full of One Hundred Dollar bills with which to impress the available lasses.

12 thoughts on “If The Shoe Fits

  1. For most of my working life, my shoes were ‘issued’ as part of a uniform. They later became boots, in order to offer better protection to our feet when working. Since I retired, I tend to only wear waterproof boots, or soft walking shoes for my trips outside of the house with my dog. My formal shoes are now restricted to rare restaurant outings, or attending funerals.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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