The Last Good Cry

Crying can show emotional pain or it can be a sign of intense joy. Crying can be good for a person or it can lead to irreversible problems. Do you remember the last time you had a good cry and do you remember why?

Memories such as the ones in this poem can make a sensitive person cry. These kinds of experiences can also bring tears to the person who experienced them. Take a few minutes with this poem:

Believe it or not, there are also benefits to be gained from crying. Please read into the following link to discover what some of these might be:

So, do you cry? — often? — rarely? — never? — why do you cry?

3 thoughts on “The Last Good Cry

  1. Crying, possibly never. Or it’s been a long long time. Tears dripping from my eyes, fairly often. But mostly for things fictional but well written, acted, or produced. My life is not conducive to sadness, and joy that brings tears does not happen. My life is very even-keeled. I am so used to losing people, no matter what the reason, it is natural. Having a furry friend die is probably when I feel worst, they make better and truer friends than any human can. But still, tears only drip, they do not pour.
    Am I jaded, not really. I view death as a doorway into a new life (not heaven or hell.) Why would I feel sad for them?
    I don’t suffer. I roll with the punches. Life is what I make it.
    DeBurgh’s poem, not as good as many I have read. No offense intended, it just seems contrived, unnatural.
    The benefits of crying, if they work for you, go for it.
    Not sure what else I can say.


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