Never a Mundane Day

I got out of bed this morning and the temperature here is 41-degrees Fahrenheit but it is supposed to get up to 61 later on in the day …. that will be ideal for me to take another long walk and try to get some of this accumulated fat off my body.

I haven’t heard a word from Trump in the last few days so I guess he is not the main topic of the news channels for a while at least. I needed that!

I hate using the word “I” in articles about myself, but I have not yet achieved the writing acumen needed to find a worthy substitute for articles written in the first person. I know that makes me something of a bore.

The one new thing I did learn this morning is that a “Stoat” is also an “Ermine” which I believe is one of the cutest little weasels I have ever seen.

Three scrambled eggs and three crispy slices of fresh bacon makes for an admirable breakfast. The bacon is cut thick by a butcher and is microwaved, one minute per slice to a crunchy delicious texture. Lots of protein in that one but, alas, a lot of nitrites also. But at my advanced age, does it really matter what I eat anymore? My blood pressure is stable at 130/80 and my resting heart rate is somewhere near 69 beats per minute — and I don’t feel any ill effects.

Everyone around here has been complaining about the snow all winter and I guess the next topic of conversation is going to be leaf raking and lawn mowing. Is there ever a time when the Human Being is ever satisfied with the surrounding weather?

My politically right wing acquaintances are pretty silent about the Biden plan to give them checks in the amount of $1,400 as part of the covid relief package.

They had been complaining about President Biden’s administration, telling me that they will now starve to death because Biden will tax them to death …. (Like nobody ever paid any taxes under Republicans) — and none of them have expressed any displeasure at the thought of getting that $1,400 government handout. (Republicans hate the thought of government handouts.)

So I had challenged my Rightist acquaintances, “If you hate the idea of Biden’s $1,400 check coming your way (Because it is one of those despised government handouts) just endorse yours to me and send it to me and I will appreciate it very much.

It has become evident that the Righties must not hate those handouts as much as they say they do because none of them took ,me up on my offer to relieve them of the burden during the previous two handouts ($600 and $1,200) — so I guess there must be a little hypocrisy going on over there on the Right side of things.

So …. I hope that all of your wonderful people have the best day possible.

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

5 thoughts on “Never a Mundane Day”

  1. The RNC told Donald to GFH with his demand about funds…..hand-outs are bad until they get theirs then it is fine but others do not deserve as much as they do…..I cook bacon in the oven at 275…..have a good day chuq

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