I Am A Chauvinist Male Pig!

One of my dear readers has offered the following observations about me:

I’m sorry, John, that you feel that way. But it is that kind of Neanderthal thinking that is going to ruin the world. Yes there are people who are out to get people, our society has that built right into it. But that does not mean everyone is out to get someone. Or, let me turn that around, this does not mean that there are men who are out to try to have sex with every woman they meet because they think they are the most desirable men around. Or that because of their wealth or power they can force women to have sex with them.

The same goes for some women, who think they can control men because they have physical attributes that men drool over.

Please, allow me to quote a recent sermon by a man of god:
His name is Stewart-Allen Clark and he is was a pastor of the 1st General Baptist Church, in Malden, Missouri. Here are a few snippets from his February 28th, 2021, sermon:
“Why is it so many times that women after they get married let themselves go? I’m not saying every woman can be the epic, the epic trophy wife of all time, like Melania Trump. I’m not saying that at all. Most women can’t be trophy wives, you know, like her. Maybe you’re a participation trophy. I don’t know, but all I can say is not everybody looks like that. Amen. Not everybody looks like that, but you don’t need to look like a butch either. Hey, here’s something you need to know. You need to know this. Men have a need for their women to look like women. And sweatpants don’t cut it all the time. Wearing flip-flops and pajamas to Walmart, that ain’t gonna work. Ain’t nothing attractive about that. Men want their wives to look good at home and in public. Can I get an ‘amen’?”

Is this a man someone is out to get, John, or is this a man who needs to get got. He got got!
Mr. Clark has stepped down from his position and is allegedly “seeking professional counseling”. Sorry, but there is no amount of ‘counseling’ that will turn this person into a human being. Any person who considers former nude model and gold-digger Melania Trump to be the standard to which women should aspire needs a lobotomy. How many centuries have women fought against being judged for their looks, while begging to be judged for their character, their intellect?

This guy actually thought women needed to be told what assholes men are. They already knew that.

Now here you are, sounding like you were at that church that day, and shouting “Amen!” along with all the male neanderthals.

The reason these women are accusing men of sexual harassment, sexual touching, and sexual aggression is because that is what many men do, and those men do not have the right to do that.

In the short time of following your blog I grew to respect you, and your candidness. I thought you were a forward-looking person, but today you have revealed the true you.

I don’t think you are going to print this comment on your blog, I doubt you have the guts. You said you respected my views, and that I could say anything I thought appropriate. Well, I cannot get more appropriate than what I am saying right now. You are a male. You are a chauvinist! AND YOU ARE A PIG!

AND, OF COURSE ….I could not resist to provide an answer:

I see you have quoted a “Man of God” who is a Baptist. That is interesting and makes me believe that your politics are more on the right side than the left. I mean if you can judge me to be a “Pig” then why can I not surmise that you are a Republican or at least a right-leaning political person? Fair is fair.

As to the “You are a pig” comment: I know that! That is not news to me. I have known that for a long time now. Many more people than you have observed that as a fact. So I accept it. Thank you.

I do have the guts to print this comment on my blog and I am printing it and I am proud and pleased and gratified that you have taken the time to offer it. Thank you again.

As to the comment itself … it is only offensive to anyone who might be looking for a reason to be offended. I am not in that company. I stand solidly for the First Amendment and I believe that diversity of opinions and observations are the lifeblood of our Democracy …. so always feel free … glad to have you spicing up the conversation.

A few final thoughts:

The writer quoted a “Man of God” somewhere above here ….The “Man of God” is obviously the pastor of some “Church” —- presumably a “Church” that considers itself to be “Christian.”

I have a problem with that concept of “Christians” in American Churches today.

I am sure there are some remnants of a “Christian” church left somewhere in America today, but for the most part, I believe all the American Churches (For the most part) have become so secular that Christ ran in terror from them a long time ago … and I believe this happened once the American Right Wing rewrote their Bible and their religion to include every possible worldly and political thing. “If you don’t vote for Trump you aren’t a Christian and you are going to hell!” I divorced myself from that golden-idol a long time ago.

This “Thing” that a lot of people call “Christian Church” today is nothing more than a huge expanse of building and land (Megachurch-ism) that has been done all over, inside and out, to resemble a gaudy, noisy nightclub …. with the blaring bands, the flashing lights and the short shorts and plunging necklines … everything abominable to God. They go to see and to be seen and to judge others and to be judged by others and to give their money to some fantastic unattainable fairy tale about being made rich and prosperous by God in return for their pittances in the offering plates.

Yes, as the writer has said, I AM a Chauvinist pig and because I am a chauvinist pig I will steer as clear of women as possible because I do not wish to be accused of something if I do nothing else besides give a compliment.

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

4 thoughts on “I Am A Chauvinist Male Pig!”

  1. Actually, dear soul, I really do not give a Peck’s Damn about your “New Concept” of me but I do appreciate your open and lucid views about things of importance to you and, therefore, you have my unconditional favor toward your comments for the time being …. Just keep your comments on point and somewhere near socially acceptable and you will always have freedom to express your opinions here. Yes, life is filled with coincidences, isn’t it?


  2. Congratulations on your bravery, and courage, John, but that has not changed my new concept of you.
    By the way, the only reason I had that quote was because it landed in my email yesterday. I was not slumming, looking for things to attack people with. The fact it suited your post so nicely almost made me believe in destiny. No, not even almost, but a damn good coincidence, As was my pulling that poem out of my long term memory.

    Liked by 1 person

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