How About The Death Penalty For Abortion?

QUOTE — “A Texas lawmaker has filed a bill that would abolish and criminalize abortions, leaving women and physicians who perform the procedure to face criminal charges that could carry the death penalty.” —UNQUOTE


I applaud that Texas lawmaker for his most moral and courageous stand on the issue and I personally agree One Hundred Percent with the concept of his proposed law.

I believe that the only time an abortion should be legal is where it is necessary to save the life of the Mother. Otherwise, it should be heavily criminalized. That is my opinion!

Here is the article where I first saw this idea —-

10 thoughts on “How About The Death Penalty For Abortion?

  1. Although I recently started “following” your blog, I was not subscribed to your various and sundry posts (I’ve now changed that) … so I missed this one. (rawgod referenced it but since you don’t have a “Previous Posts” option, I had to do a TON of scrolling to find it! Hint … Hint)

    All I’m going to say is I totally and completely disagree with your perspective. What a woman –ANY woman– does with her body should NEVER … I repeat, NEVER … be anyone’s business but her own. No man or “LAW” has the right to interfere with whatever choice she makes … whether it’s related to abortion OR who she sleeps with.

    Which brings up the subject of vasectomies. What if all men were required BY LAW to have one after they had intercourse with a women outside of marriage and she became pregnant? You see, men play a role in this whole scenario as well … although most of them just walk away and, as Pilate did (according to the bible), figuratively “wash their hands” and declare innocence.

    John, I don’t mean to cause dissension between you and me, but this subject to VERY close to me and I simply cannot let it pass without commenting.

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    1. You wrote — ”
      Which brings up the subject of vasectomies. What if all men were required BY LAW to have one after they had intercourse with a women outside of marriage and she became pregnant?”

      My answer to that is as follows: A man who willingly engages in intercourse with a woman and then the woman becomes pregnant and the man does not marry her ….. the man, by law, should be forced to provide for the care of the woman and the child just the same as if it were child support and spousal support and, in addition to that, the errant male should be an instant candidate for a state-mandated penectomy or other form of physical emasculation so that he would never do such a thing again.

      And if the male should fail to carry out his mandated responsibilities as to providing for the financial support of the woman and the child, then the man should, in addition to everything else, spend pro-rated prison time to pay for the shortages in his financial obligations toward the woman and the child.

      There is no dissention between you and I because I do not censor legal comments made in good conscience on this blog.

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  2. I will always allow women to decide what to do with their bodies, so cannot agree with abortion being a criminal offence, John. If men had babies, there would be abortion clinics on every street corner, and nobody would complain.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I, personally, have had enough to do with women for a lifetime. But I also believe that if it is going to be legal to slaughter an unborn child then it ought also to be perfectly legal to institute a policy of euthanasia for old, sick, useless members of society .

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    1. I can agree with proven cases of rape and incest. I have no trouble with accepting those as reasons for abortions. What I object to is the idea that abortion can be used in lieu of prophylaxis for anyone not wise enough to use preventative measures during willful consent episodes. (And I am sure there are plenty of those kinds of cases out there.) While we are on the subject of who can tell us what to do and what not to do with our bodies, our income, our lives … If we are going to go down that road we need to annul all the laws of the United States and start all over again because there are plenty of laws out there that tell us what we can and cannot do with this or that and if abortion is going to remain legal, then we need to rewrite a lot of those other laws that infringe on our rights but which are readily accepted by most Americans. We need to stop cherry picking consequences and punishments for various kinds of crimes … otherwise just shut down the criminal justice system altogether and let Nature take her course.

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