What Do You Love Doing?

There are a lot of things that I like to do but I am still making up my mind about the things that I really love doing. There is a difference between liking and loving.

Owing to the fact that I am fat, I would venture to say that I probably love to eat. I do not like everything that I put into my mouth but I love putting things into my mouth.

For example, I like steaks really perfectly cooked. I cannot say that I love steak because I do not eat it all that often. But when I do eat steak, I think I can say that I love to have one that is perfectly cooked. By “Perfectly cooked” I mean “As good as any 5-star chef can produce.”

For example, when I cook a steak, I first make sure that it is from a regular butcher shop and not from some regular grocery store chain meat counter. The butcher shop always gives me a superb quality of meat and always cuts it to either one-and-one-half inches thick or two inches thick which, in my opinion, is the only thicknesses of steak that will come out of the process with any appreciable flavor …. and to me, flavor is the operative word of the day!

After obtaining the cut of meat I desire, it has to be properly seared on both sides until I get a golden brown crust and this takes about 2 to three minutes per side at medium high heat.

But even before searing the meat, I like to salt it down liberally on both sides with good, coarse Kosher salt and let it marinate in the salt covering for about an hour at room temperature. This does something to change the structure of the meat and insures a really tender steak. Do not worry about over salting it because if you use just enough to cover the meat, you have used enough. Under salting a steak causes a more or less tasteless result.

After salting the meat and before searing it, I like to further tenderize it with a professional stainless steel meat tenderizer like this one:

Once the meat is tenderized and it has sat at room temperature with its salt coating, I brush the excess salt off the meat and sear both sides at medium high heat for two or three minutes to get that dark crust that I spoke of earlier.

Then it is into an oven which has been preset to 450-degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 8 to 10 minutes for medium well steak … I do love medium well steak … just a hint of pink in the middle and an internal temperature (measured with a meat thermometer) of no less than 145 degrees Fahrenheit and no more than 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the steak has finished cooking, it has to “Rest” undisturbed for at least Ten minutes before it is ever cut or sliced.

Yes, I think I can safely say that I “Love” a good steak.

I like to watch movies on Netflix or from DVD discs that I have purchased used on places like eBay. I order used DVD movies at the rate of 200 discs at a time so that I can always have a selection available. I cannot say that I “Love” watching movies but I do it often enough that it might be considered to be on the edge of “Love.”

I like to take long walks when the weather is warm. I walk up long hills and then go back down again. It is exhilarating and it appears to be good for my well-being too.

I love to hide provocative stuff in the depths of longer blog posts. It gives me a perverse sense of pleasure that those who skip read will miss the good stuff.

When the weather is warm and the grass is green and there are leaves on the trees, my backyard becomes a virtual beehive of bird activity. I seem to have made a friend out of a lot of the little wild birds that come to our feeders because some of them will interact with me and I dearly do love it when they do so.

One example that I might share …. a couple of years ago, I had trained a lovely Blue jay to sit in a tree in our front yard and screech when I would hold a peanut in my hand, raised above my head, to entice him to swoop down and get it.

After several days of hoisting the peanut and listening to the Blue Jay screech, the day came finally, when he actually did swoop down for the treat is was holding between two fingers. The interesting thing is that on this day, he not only swooped down (as I had desired for him to do) but he actually landed on the top of my head, dug his talons into my hair and retrieved the peanut from my fingers before flying off again.

He never did it again but the memory of that one time that he did do it is always with me and it never fails to warm my grateful heart.

Last year there were three Blue Jays who would all land on top of a privacy fence in our backyard and do a little dance for me while screeching all the time. Knowing that they wanted peanuts, I never failed to give in to their demands. The repeated that little performance for me almost every time I went out into the backyard to recline in a chair.

I have even had a hummingbird feed out of my hand. The secret is to put some nectar in the palm of your hand and take a comfortable seat near a hummingbird feeder. It won’t be long before one of them actually lights in the palm of your hand to take his or her fill of the sweet treat. In my opinion, there is nothing more rewarding or more enjoyable than playing with these little creatures. I guess you might say “I love doing it.”

Blue Jay looking for a hand out! | The squirrels and blue ja… | Flickr

Paddling a row boat down a slow-running river is a hoot for me too. I love the laziness of it, the serenity … the peace! Dragging my cans of beer behind the canoe or the rowboat to keep them halfway cool … just adventuring on the waterways.

Sleeping in my thousand-dollar bed …. under soft interior lighting … soft music playing in the background … the hum of the fan or the air conditioner lulling me to sleep … I love this; I truly do!

There are so many things in life …. it is hard to single out just a few of the things that I like or love to do.

It is always pleasant to log onto my bank accounts and observe the balances growing each day. Yes, I love to do that. It has become an obsession with me over the years. I love the fact that on any given day I have access to at least 5 figures in disposable cash to do with whatever strikes my fancy. Yes, I love that also!

Blogging is a passion with me, although I am not good at it. It gives me some kind of satisfaction to know that “If you publish it, somebody will read it.” So I have been doing that on and off for the last Ten years at least under various titles.

Before the pandemic began, I loved to eat in restaurants where there was plenty of dark, polished wood on the walls and ceiling, red flock wallpaper, softly burning sconces, plush carpeting, decent china on the table … waiters in formal attire ….waiters and waitresses conscious of proper continental service ….châteaubriand for two flamed at the table ….filet Mignon that melts like butter in the mouth … porterhouse steaks ….. African Rock Lobster tails doused with plenty of real butter —-giving the service person $20 tips …. having a table captain seat me …..being well known by the staff and management ….always being shown to the choicest of tables …. yes, I love that also.

Oh, there are so many things to love about life and living!

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

4 thoughts on “What Do You Love Doing?”

  1. I no longer eat steak and have not done so for over 20 years, as I find it hard to digest, however well it is cooked. But I love to be out with Ollie, and love to take photos when one of them turns out just how I had hoped. I love to watch a really good film and get lost in the drama, and of course I do love to drink red wine. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I like my steak cooked over a wood fire….a 5 oz filet……I let it rest in the refrig for 24 hrs uncovered…..down here we have the birds year round…..and they are very soothing to watch…..chuq

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