When The Right Wing Raged Against Common Sense

The worst case of right wing rage against common sense was all the anti-lockdown and mask-mandate protesting that happened at the height of the killer pandemic … the same pandemic that killed more than half a million Americans ….. the pandemic that would have killed far less Americans if only the Trump Administration had done the right thing about the pandemic to begin with.

Because of Trump’s cavalier attitudes about the pandemic and the resultant weak-kneed approach to controlling it, I am certain that the blood of many deceased American Citizens are on his hands and on the hands of the right-tard loonies who swoon with ecstatic ejaculatory intensity at his every appearance and word.

Yes, far too many right wingers went on the offensive, protesting having to wear masks, having to quarantine …having to social distance ….and I am sure that before it is all over, the anti-vaccination crowd will be responsible for even more deaths from the pandemic through their campaigns to scare people out of taking the life-saving shots.

Conspiracy theories rampaged all through the worst of the pandemic … conspiracy theories that tended to cause a lot of innocent people a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering — conspiracy theories about how dangerous it is to wear masks and to get vaccinated and a host of other targeted concerns.

The Right-Wing attempt to control the American Public through fear and through all their denials of the dangers of the pandemic and all their obvious and exposed lies about how well everything was going under their leadership fell completely apart as the American People saw through their chicanery and elected themselves a democrat as President.

Today if you take a close look at the political organization that calls itself “The Republican Party,” you will soon discover that “The Republican Party” of 2021 in no way resembles the Republican Party of Reagan or Nixon or anybody else. It has devolved into a completely extremist-motivated mish mash of warring factions that no longer has any value as leaders of the American Democracy but which has, in fact, become one of the worst possible enemies of traditional American political and moral values.

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

4 thoughts on “When The Right Wing Raged Against Common Sense”

  1. We still have an active anti-mask movement here, and a growing number of ‘vaccine-refusers’ too. Despite a very successful vaccination programme in this country, 1 in 6 people have refused to have it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. 1 in 6 people just positioned themselves as either victims or superspreaders. People like that need to be quarantined away from the general population for the duration of the pandemic.

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