Happiness Coming And Going

I guess it would be academic for me to say that happiness is neither constant, ongoing or a permanent state of mind (Existence.) I think that would be too obvious of a proposition to even state in public.

But I have noticed that there are a few people who appear to be happy all the time. There is a certain man, a florist by trade, who has a shop nearby where I live. This man never shows a sad face but is always so outgoing, gregarious, friendly, helpful, kind and just downright friendly that his persona is not only infectious but, in my opinion, one that could easily be coveted.

There are other people — such as the obstinate hag of a self-proclaimed expert in all spiritual matters who must never show a smile, much less anything of an outgoing nature. I don’t know what ails people like her … people who always carry their axes to grind on the shirt sleeves — maybe they are sexually frustrated or something … but there are plenty of those continuously-dour-faced individuals out there! I am not attacking people who might be suffering some horrible flesh-devouring disease or something either. I can give those folks a pass! But there are some mud-faced slugs out there who really have nothing to complain about but complaining and prejudging and condemning and criticizing seems to be their entire motivation for drawing the next breath.

Happiness tends to come and go. But before I get too far off base here let me suggest that the battleaxe that I described in the preceding paragraph might actually find her happiness in being a hateful bitch. I never thought of it that way. Before the ladies get too offended at what might seem to be a chauvinist statement here, let me say that there are plenty of men out there with similar dispositions. My dear departed daddy was one such. He exulted in being superior to everything and everybody and if he couldn’t find facts to support his arguments, he would make some up — just like the devoted Republican that he was. I, myself, have been known to act and talk like a hateful, insignificant, bitter little old man and I acknowledged already to one other person who took leave of my blog on those very grounds that I know I am the Chauvinist Pig that she said I was … It is not like I want to be that way but for some reason life has dealt me some cards to form the reality of who I am and I am not going to become somebody else to please other people. I guess I just have to live with my shortcomings and to confess my sins before mankind … as the Bible says. People have to take me or leave me. That, by the way, is also one of the many ways that material abundance corrupts the human spirit. But, for the time being, I have learned to live with my personal corruptions. LOL.

I once lived in a miserable state of poverty and back in those days I thought happiness came in wads of money and inflated bank accounts. As time went on, and as my fortunes ebbed and flowed, I discovered that there is a certain amount of happiness in being rich enough to command independence but I also discovered that it was a transient and somewhat insecure kind of happiness that could disappear at the sound of the gavel in a bankruptcy court.

Marriage can be a source of happiness for a lot of people ….(It seems to have been really popular in America before common-law living became all the rage and before people abandoned their traditional family-oriented values) but it is (was) the kind of happiness that can dissolve suddenly when one of the partners in the union of Matrimony finds love letters to their mate from a handful of other people. But then, the act of divorce can be happiness and disaster at one and the same time … depending on the temperature of the occasion and the ambitions of the participants.

When you start having all these thoughts about “Happiness” the question suddenly arises, “Can ‘Happiness’ actually ever be accurately defined?”

While I assume that nobody can be happy all the time and in all situations and circumstances, I have to wonder if there are people out there somewhere who have never known a moment of happiness. I wonder what their lives would be like. Is it possible for a human being to live their entire life, front birth to the grave in and endless pit of darkness and despair and despondency? As darkness is the absence of light, is it possible that happiness is the absence of despair? If that is true, then why can it not be constant? What is the universal law that says happiness must always be transient?

I know that stress and challenging circumstances can devour any hope of happiness unless one finds happiness in conquering stress and overcoming the challenges of life. The problem with the latter proposition here is found in another question, “What kind of life could a person have if their joy was in conquering stress and overcoming challenges? Wouldn’t such a person be driven to find stressful situations and challenges for themselves?”

How many times can a person go over Niagara Falls before the barrel finally splinters and they are dashed on the rocks below? Does a person like this have a death wish? Do they feel they need to constantly punish themselves? Is the thought of Infinite nothingness their ultimate idea of happiness?

Gotta go now folks, I smell the pot roast and I believe it is done and it is time for me to head for the table.

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

7 thoughts on “Happiness Coming And Going”

  1. Outward appearance of happiness (like your florist) is sadly no real indication of what they might be thinking inside. Some people are very good at seeming to be happy, I have found.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Even though most of us often consider happiness and contentment as synonymous, this is inaccurate because there is a difference between their meanings. Words such as happiness, contentment, joy, and elation all refer to positive emotions or states that an individual experiences, but they all carry specific meanings, which are different from one another. Happiness refers to a state of being happy or feeling pleasure. On the other hand, contentment refers to a state of being satisfied. The main difference between happiness and contentment is that, while happiness denotes an emotional state, which is more short term, contentment refers to a state, which is long term. Unlike happiness, contentment involves a calmness, which is very stable.

      But perhaps you find your happiness in contentment. I believe that would be very valid!

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