The Right And Wrong Makers

Who is it that has the power to decide for us what is right and what is wrong and how did those people get such power in the first place?

A lot of people … religious and otherwise, tell themselves all the time that they instinctively know the difference between right and wrong but are they correct in their summation of themselves or has their “Instinctive” knowledge of right and wrong been infused into them by their contemporaries or their heritage — or both — or neither?

I am told that in America, the concepts of right and wrong begin with the Judeo-Christian Value System and that this system has dominated the moral structure of the United States since its inception.

Given the condition of those “Values” in today’s toxic socio-economic environment, I would say that the Judeo-Christian value system has been pretty beaten up and bruised and battered because with the coming of the age of permissiveness and tolerance for things once considered to be abominations —starting with the “Love” generation of the 1960s, our traditional American “Values” have taken on a coat of putridity and rot.

But does the decay of the American moral fabric present a new degree of rightness or wrongness or is it simply an evolutionary anomaly? You know the argument about “The New Norm.” Is this evolutional-social-revolution concept akin to the dividing of some ethereal cellular structures such as those that occur beneath the lens of a microscope or is it more on the order of the methodology by which horse shit decays and becomes part of new fertile ground?

Who is it that determines the degrees of our morality and should we even care who it is?

There are so many diverse facets to the question of morality in America today because every ethnicity that makes our country into a nation carries its own particular brand and definition of what is moral and what is not and, as far as I can see, no hybrid concept of morality that can be applied to every person and to every situation in the country has yet been brought forth …. so, in my estimation, the “Morality” that we have to deal with as a nation is now a bubbling cesspool of evil-smelling things. There is no purity and there is no clarity as everybody goes their own individual way.

Where is the balance? I think it would be ludicrous to suggest that every living human being live by a set of moral standards of their own making …. doing whatever their heart desires whenever they want to do it and to whomever they desire to do it ….I think such a state would only lead to total chaos. If this were the case, the entire attainable universe, as we know it would be turned inside out …. and, if you are a good observer, you can see where this is the exact direction that America is headed today and that is why this nation is getting closer and closer each day to becoming ungovernable!

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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