Dr. Fauci’s Dire Warning

America’s leading epidemiologist has wanred everybody not to spike the ball at the 5 yard line … or something like that …. it is kind of a “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched” kind of statement … In other words, I believe he is telling us not to be in a real big hurry to abandon all our covid-19 safety precautions …. precautions such as not allowing everybody and their cousin to grab you and hug you ….. precautions such as not allowing admirers to slobber all over you …. you know the drill, I am sure!

Fumbling the play and praising Hitler before the game is over is what some rabid right wing flatulence is more prone to do than anybody.

Of course we have all already been down this road …..the people who deny the dangers of the covid that has already killed 500,000 of us are the first to stop doing the things that make the situation better …. the first to run out to the bars and family gatherings …. the first to get put on ventilators and argue with their caregivers that there is no such thing as covid-19 and that it is all a hoax …. some toads argue that point right up to the point where the oven door opens on them at the crematorium.

Me? I am going to keep on wearing my mask, washing my hands and social distancing.

I am also going to continue to encourage any right-winger that I encounter to go ahead and live free and abandon all the safety measures!

It’s the least I can do to help clean up the planet.


9 thoughts on “Dr. Fauci’s Dire Warning

  1. Last night there was a news segment on anti-vaxxers. Putting them alongside the “no-maskers,” and what have you got? Never-ending precautionary measures for those who prefer to stay well and healthy … because even after vaccinations, the experts say the variants can still play a role.

    I sooo look forward to another several years of wearing a mask … don’t you? *sarcasm*

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    1. I really expect things to open up sometime around July or August if enough people pay attention to safety and get their vaccinations …I have no problem with precautionary measures and I am doing them every day because I am not a very enthusiastic gambler when it comes to my life. I believe that somewhere along the line we will get a hold of this virus strongly enough that it won’t be any more inconvenient than the common flu is right now … but we are not there yet — I believe we will get there — but we are not there yet. I am definitely not going to let my frustrations with all this mess cause me to become complacent and possible get something that can kill me. I lived through the polio scare of the 1950s without ever getting that one ….and that was a scary one …..I survived the end of the Tuberculosis scare too … We will get through this ….

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