Lonely In The Midst Of Thousands Of Others

Buildings, Traffic, Street, Cars, Empire State Building

The night has fallen and the day’s adventures in the big city are in the rear view mirror of life now — I am tired, sitting in a piano lounge bar at 2:30 in the morning, double Jack Daniels in hand — memories filtering through my brain of the few hours before.

From a music system hidden somewhere in the recesses of the bar there comes the soothing sounds of elevator music … I call it “Early morning in a bar” music …. it always has a sound of its own. ——- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrgCwdT2kx8

I reflect on the hour I spent with my gay friend, Skip, at Collins Bar just off Fountain Square. The place had been noisy and bright with flashing disco lights and the sight of countless undulating bodies, dancing to “The Twist” and other enervating tunes ….A young waiter circulated among the clientele offering complimentary plates of gourmet food ….As he stopped by our table, he looked at me and offered me a plate of pasta asking, “Do you want this?” Having just eaten a nice filet mignon steak at Bob Jones’ Cafe, I declined ….but the moment was nice … to be offered something free of charge …unusual for a big city!

Earlier on, we had all attended a showing of “Cinerama Holiday” — a trendy new form of motion picture flashing on a screen as wide as the theater itself — at the “Capitol” theater — a plush place — a theater where one could still obtain tickets to an actual private box just like in an opera house. Back in the day “Cinerama” was a big deal and it was a mark of distinction to be able to attend a showing which was done with all the Hollywood flair (Searchlights, red carpets and the whole thing) of a premiere opening.

Sometime during the evening, we had also taken in a performance at the old Gaiety Burlesque Theater where we watched the cavorting and undulations of “Miss Body Beautiful 1955” — Gorgeous blonde bombshell in a skimpy costume … revealing everything that was legal to reveal ….dancing tantalizingly for the ogle-eyed cadre of aging patrons whose eyeballs seemed to me to have been transfixed on her every move…….

There had been an hour or so in the afternoon spent sitting on benches among the glorious flowers at a place overlooking the city called “Buck’s Park” — a high overlook …..Another few minutes standing on the concrete public landing at the great river where all the steamboats were moored ….The Avalon, The Delta Queen ….

Paddle Steamer Riverboat River - Free photo on Pixabay
Photo from Pixabay

But the night had fallen and the city was going to sleep now and I gotta tell you there is no more lonely feeling than being in the midst of almost a million people, in a big city where you don’t know a soul.

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