What Is Blogging All About?

Blogging is supposed to be a platform by which people can express their ideas, their experiences, their likes and dislikes and a whole universe of other things that people who are like-minded might share with each other over the Internet. The trick with blogging is to build the network of “Like-Minded” people …. and as individualism grows, this is becoming more and more difficult — even to the point where it is entirely possible for a blogger to find that he or she is blogging to nobody but himself or herself —- or to a bunch of mindless electronic impulses affectionately called “Bots” that have the ability to disguise themselves as readers but who never did, never can and never will think the first rational thought for themselves.

It used to be that blogs were beneficial in helping those so-called “Like-Minded” people to find each other in support of some cause they shared passions for. It might be a religious cause or an educational cause or whatever ….Blogs used to be platforms where people could come together and find support for their causes. Since individualism has become such a hot topic in The United States these days, I doubt if many blogs can be a platform that can change many minds about anything because most people’s minds are already made up about things they believe or support and no amount of reasoning or arguing is going to make the slightest dent in their conceptions.

There was a time when blogs were instruments of teaching and learning but if a blog is going to engage in teaching and if the blogger hopes to find someone who wants to learn something (A very difficult process) then the prospective blogging teacher has to know something of value in the first place and has to overcome the biases of potential students, the great majority of which think they already know everything about everything. So today’s prospective blogging teacher can easily find that his or her prospective students regard every work the teacher writes as nothing more than the teacher’s opinions. These stumbling blocks do dilute severely the value of blogs as teaching instruments in today’s highly divided and argumentative-minded society.

If you are thinking about starting a blog that will make money for you … well, good luck with that. I know a whole number of aspiring bloggers who created blogs for money and who discovered …. often after years of agonizing work …. that they had squandered years of writing, thinking and research only to find out that they weren’t getting paid very much for their efforts ….and sometimes not getting paid at all by platforms who had promised money for their monetized blogs but which ended up shortchanging the blogger or not paying off at all.

In my own case I blog for the sake of vanity and for desiring to communicate with people. So far it must be working for me because I have been doing it for more than Ten years now.

3 thoughts on “What Is Blogging All About?

  1. On any given day, some 60% of the readers of my blog come from America. Perhaps they prefer to read blog posts about things that have nothing to do with their own country? I will never know for sure. But whatever the reason, I seem to attract between 400-700 views each day, with the most readers on Sundays.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I blog for information…I give people info and even opposite cases than I champion but it is important that all facts be presented….now it is up to the person to determine how to use that new found knowledge….chuq


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