Biden’s Lost Step Child And Other Stuff

I am still waiting for my stimulus payment to be deposited in at least one of my bank accounts. It has been awhile now. I guess it doesn’t pay for a hard-working American to trust the government to take care of him. (Me.) Ha! Ha! Ha! Just kidding, folks! But everybody could use extra money, even the billionaires! The funniest thing is that I keep reading where people with a whole lot of money have lost some of it during the pandemic. Well, I do not consider myself to have a “Whole Lot” of money by any stretch of the imagination, but I didn’t lose a dime through the pandemic that I can account for. I owe that to the integrity of a brokerage that I have been using for ages and ages. Thanks, guys!

My friend gave me a recipe for orange pork chops and I tried it and found out that I should leave the cooking to the chef. I guess I left them in the oven too long because they came out sweet and a little tougher than I cared for. But not too big a loss as the Cabernet Sauvignon made up for it all. LOL. Orange marmalade goes really well with bread stuffing and pork chops, I have to admit that much!

Is it just me or have things been a lot less tense and a little more quiet ever since President Trump left us? I think I got addicted to seeing his mug on TV all day every day. Is anybody else out there suffering from this “Absence of Trump” syndrome?

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