I was told that the pandemic would put an extra 29 pounds on my body weight but thankfully, so far, I have managed to keep that projected gain down to 16 pounds. Wish me luck with the rest of it. So far (Count on my fingers for luck) I have survived the worst effects of the anal probing that was expected with the coming of the pandemic but it is still far from over!

If it weren’t for the fact that I am still alive, this would have been one abominable f**king year to be sure! I even took up moderate drinking again and I never thought that I would ever sink to that level again. Back when I was wealth building I managed to become a real sot and finally got delivered from it all … but this pandemic bitch is worth a few drinks if you want my opinion about it.

Have you ever noticed that all the political types are still bitching and whining, more or less, about the same shit they were moaning and whining about years ago? I am talking the Nixon era and the Bush era … we are still involved in all the racist bullshit just the same as back then, the gun violence has simmered down a little for the time being but it is boiling beneath the surface ready to spring forth again … I think it just did with the deaths of those poor Asian Americans at those spas recently —I guess one could consider that guns in the wrong hands might have had something to do with that tragic event — but you will never convince the anal-drip-wads on the Right about that!

I guess what we all have to do now is hunker down, enjoy the news about a new outbreak of covid-19 in Miami (Because of ignorant assholes who want to pile up on each other without masks) — an outbreak that has caused that iconic city to shut down once again and to block all the bridges leading to the beach so the dumb dweebs can’t get out there onto the beach to spread their deadly shit! Every time I hear this kind of crap about those mindless minions of Trump and other such like influencers, I somehow lose a little more of my compassion and just kind of hope they all catch this thing and get out of the picture so that the rest of us can live in relative safety once more.

I know that spiritual pretender who unfollowed me a while back is getting his/her/their (Take your choice because I am not going to be accused of being a Chauvinist again) jolly’s off on this observation by yours truly but all I can say about that is “F Them!”

If you have moral sensitivities, you don’t need to be reading this and I am not going to apologize for any of it because it is the way I feel and I am entitled to that much.

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  1. I find it despicable that someone can buy a gun and hours latter that same day kill many people but yet in some areas I can register to vote on the same day…..I will continue my routine….I am sick of hearing morons scream about their rights…..wear that mask and social distance. chuq

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