What Does Retirement Look Like?

If you read my blog you can quickly see that I have a very mischievous and eccentric personality and I have to tell you that is something that retirement is never going to change about me. Some people are turned on by my ways and some are totally freaked out. I remember scaring one person whom I consider to be of totally low class so much a few days ago that this excuse for a person (My opinion entirely) decided to unfollow my blog after pretending to be some kind of spiritual guru and then disagreeing with me because the person thinks I am some kind of chauvinist pig. LOL. I guess, in that one’s estimation, chauvinists like me are not very spiritual!

I announced my retirement about 20 years ago but apparently I have not as yet retired from living. I no longer control the finances of any kind of corporation and I do not have to worry about contracts and deadlines and assholes in suits like once was the deal with me. I am, more or less, footloose and fancy free these days, yet there are few places that I have not been, fewer things that I have not seen or experienced … it has been a wild ride … a good ride … I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have been blessed far beyond the realms of reason and now, in my geriatric ascendancy, I am a happy camper.

There are not too many “Initiatives” to demand my time and effort these days. Time was when millions of dollars flowed and ebbed throughout the realms of commercial credit and the Construction Industry because of communications initiated or responded to by yours truly but those days have long since faded into the dark halls of obscurity … even though there are still many happy memories.

I still get out of bed at 6:00 every morning for a breakfast of eggs and bacon or yogurt and berries… whatever strikes my fancy … so as to get a handle on the possibilities that the day may hold and so that I can get my head screwed on straight in order to meet whatever minor challenges come my way. I have to admit that the challenges are few these days — nothing at all compared to the steam roller that I once rode or the mental pressure cooker that I was trapped in for many years. (By my own choosing.). (The entrepreneurial spirit, you see.).

Some of my favorite activities these days include taking long walks along the banks of a local river when the weather is warm … shopping .. eating out … but not so much since the pandemic came … but I am waiting for the day when I can do all these things freely again.

I do spend an inordinate amount of time on a computer .. Exploring the vastness of the Internet .. it is a hobby with me. Many people have questioned why I spend so much time on a computer and my answer is always the same, “I like it!” I need no other reason for anything that I do besides “I like doing it.”

I do like to keep in touch with what few friends I still have … almost all my friends have long since passed on now … I do have a few wonderful friends on the Internet … I am so appreciative for each and every one of those …I do a lot of social media surfing …that’s for sure! The News of the day is always interesting to me even though it tends to be depressing most of the time.

I like to “Journal” both online and in physical notebooks that I carry around most of the time. Whenever some idea strikes me that seems to be an inspiration, I write it down. I do the same thing for dreams I have. Each morning, after coffee, when my head is clear again, I like to write down the details of dreams that I have had. Once in a while I can even learn something worthwhile from the dreams that I have had.

Almost every night is movie night around here. I have recently gotten hooked on Netflix and I also purchase used DVD movies at the rate of about 200 about every few months. I have accumulated so many of these used movies that they now get donated to a Veterans’ recycling operation on a regular basis. I know the Vets must love me for this.

TV is pretty much out of the question for me because it is always the same and is always boring now that Trump and Company have departed the political scene. The only things on TV now seem to be foreign crap on PBS or news stories about politicians who can’t keep their peckers in their pants …or mass shootings … or what we have done to piss Russia or China off lately — and I have already had a snoot full of that kind of garbage.

2 thoughts on “What Does Retirement Look Like?

  1. Sounds like you are handling retirement very well. I do what I have always done…research and writing…..gardening and cooking are two of my hobbies and recently bird watching while sitting on my back porch…..I grow food and have started allowing some flowers in the garden….and of course spending time with my co-pilot, my canine best friend, MoMo…..chuq

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