Mar 22 2021 8:04 AM

Another day, another dollar. Another dollar spent, that is! LOL!

I see there is another mess at the Southern border. I know there are probably a lot of problems in some of these countries, but does that mean that the United States has to hold the answer to all of them? Don’t we have enough problems of our own without taking on the problems of every country on the face of the planet? Let’s just close the borders and make anyone who wants to come here go through the legal process for immigration that has been in place since the beginning … Ellis Island and the whole nine yards. It always worked before, why won’t it work now?

The weather is getting warmer now and it won’t be long before the same people who complained so much about how cold the winter was will be complaining about how hot the summer will be. People are never satisfied, are they?

I predict that because of the global warming that the idiot right wingers like to deny the State of Texas will, temporarily, become uninhabitable this summer and millions will be fleeing the state to escape the unbearable heat. Overall, this will be a great year for outrageously dangerous and destructive fires, floods and tornados in The United States. (More so than ever before) and the climate-change deniers will be scrambling to figure out what is happening to them and what to do about it.

I am interested to see how many of those right wingers who say they will never take a handout from the government send their $1,400 stimulus checks back to Uncle Sugar with a note saying, “No thanks!”

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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