Dancing To The Beat

People all over the world are dancing at any given moment of any given day. Dancing has been around for ages and ages and I doubt it will ever go away. Adults love to dance, Teens love to dance, little kids love to dance and even dogs love to dance. (Ask me about monkeys at a later date.)

Some people dance to music because they love the rhythmic movements it causes or because they get some kind of sexual satisfaction from doing it or because they have to pee and there is no toilet nearby.

Others dance much like certain birds because they think it is an infallible ritual that will garner the attention of prospective love objects — they like to spread their feathers and show their strength as potential libidinal partners.

In certain areas of the world where there isn’t much TV or telephones or any other modern convenience, dances sometimes become preludes to such traditional ideals as preparing a captured enemy for the evening meal …not only as the invited guest but also as the primary menu item. This is not as prevalent as it was in times gone by.

Some people dance and tap their toes rhythmically as they dangle from executioners’ ropes. I have read about this phenomenon in books at one time or another.

Other people dance because somebody is shooting guns toward their feet like in the old time Western Movies … although I have never observed this ritual in person … nor have I been a victim of it either.

Some ponderously obese people dance because they live under the mistaken assumption that all the stretching and jiggling and jumping and twisting and turning is somehow going to help them to shed unwanted body weight. This might be true for those who dance for 4 to 8 hours per day but for the rest it is little more than something that will make them hungry so that they can go and reward themselves with a feast once the dancing is done for the day.

But people are always going to dance, regardless of their reason for doing so, so let us live with it … awkward and ridiculous as it sometimes may appear to be.

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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