Technically a “Kinescope” is a piece of motion picture film on which was captured an early television show … and it was made to “Preserve” (To make a history) of the program for future viewing.

Mentally we human beings make our own forms of kinescope by impressing electronic impulses that represent visual and audio representations of things we have done, seen or experienced on thin strips of bio material contained deep within our brains — bio material that can be stimulated by willpower or mitigating circumstance to produce mental images of the person, place or thing that has been committed to memory through this more or less kinescopic procedure.

With that in mind, we now find a plausible explanation for how we can produce erotic feelings within our physical bodies by calling up the stored pornographic images of erotic events that we have actually experienced in our lives, or that we have formulated creatively and stored for future recalling.

In some illegal experiments conducted by unknown scientists in a far away tundra-encrusted land … back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, some of these images were reportedly actually projected upon a screen, hung on a wall, several feet from a human subject who had electrodes implanted in his anal canal and when the implanted electrodes were activated by a live current (voltage), the pictures representing the memories were projected through the eyes of the experimental subject and the entire theatrical presentation lasted for a few minutes before smoke was seen emitting from the subject’s ears. (A devilishly blueish colored smoke).

When this process was reversed in other willing subjects, the electrodes were threaded into the optic nerve and when the live electricity activated the electrodes, the scientists found they could reproduce actual photographs of the subject’s implanted memories onto pieces of microscope slide glass after the action of the electrodes on the eyes had caused the subject to emit strong fluctuations onto the glass. The scientists involved laughingly dubbed these images “Shit Pictures.” Apparently none have survived to this day.

But in a recent study by an undisclosed university student, a theorem was reportedly produced that makes the claim that the above-mentoned processes were, somehow, involved in formulating the ideological and psychological basis for that current political process we all know, in various shades, as “American Right Wing Radical Republicanism.”

Remember — you heard it here first!

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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