Open Letter To Doctors Everywhere

The Republican-dominated legislatures in some states are working very hard now to strip their governors of all their emergency pandemic powers so that any public safety decisions can be made by the legislatures rather than by the elected governors of those states.

What this means is that if another Pandemic strikes or if the current one worsens — and if these Republicans are successful in stripping away their governor’s emergency powers, the legislatures can over-ride any and all quarantines, lockdowns or mask mandates thus subjecting their populations to horrendous risks of health, wellbeing and even life itself!

If it happens, it means that the overcrowding of available health facilities such as has been seen in the Covid-19 crisis will seem like child’s play compared to the horrors that could confront the Medical Establishment if the covid-denying Republicans in these legislatures get their way in taking away their governors’ emergency powers.

If those kinds of Republicans get what they want they would be in control of everything including who gets treatment and who does not, who gets vaccines and who does not, how many vaccines will be available and how they will be distributed, (Or whether they will be distributed in certain areas at all) — I can see the rich areas of the country getting all the medical attention they need in another pandemic crisis while the poorer areas or even the predominately Democrat areas — or selected areas with a defined preponderance of one ethnicity or another would get little or none … or would get it too late to be of any help to anybody … you know the drill, I am sure.

Remember that it was the Republicans under Trump who, for all practical purposes, voted against the Covid-19 relief package — It was the Republicans under Trump who fostered the idea that masks were not needed or were useless … who had absolutely no viable plan for handling the pandemic crisis at all except to tell lies publicly about how well it was being controlled … at the very time it was running wild!

I suggest that every practicing physician and other health care practitioner within the boundaries of every state where Republicans are trying to strip their governors of their emergency powers give notice that if the Republicans are successful in stripping their governors of their emergency powers, then every certified and licensed health care practitioner in that state will absolutely refuse to render any kind of treatment to anybody in connection with such pandemic conditions to the extent permitted by existing laws.

It has to be done legally, folks … and that is up to the lawyers to figure out.

This would take an unusual amount of organization among the Medical People but the bargaining power that it could generate on behalf of The American People for their safety and well-being during a pandemic situation could be of inestimable value.

I don’t personally see where such a move by the Medical Establishment would be much different than what a Labor Union does when it goes on strike for improved wages, benefits or working conditions. But then I am not a lawyer and am not qualified to make such determinations …so let’s get the lawyers into action here and see what can be done!

America will thank you for it!

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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