Getting The Jab

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Many people are hesitant to get the anti-coronavirus 19 vaccine shot because they are apprehensive of what it might do to them somewhere down the road from now.

Other people are thinking, “Well at least it is a vaccine and it has been shown to be effective against the pandemic disease and it is here right now and available right now, so it is better than nothing … so let us take it!”

On the thought about “What will happen to me a few days, weeks, months or years from now if I take the vaccine?” — let me say this:

What will happen to you down the road whether you take the vaccine or not? Will you go out tomorrow and drop dead from natural causes? Will you contract the virus and end up on a ventilator and die? Will you get run over by a truck? Will you be the victim of a mass shooter?

Tomorrow is actually promised to no one. Why worry about what is going to happen tomorrow? Don’t you have enough on your plate to contend with today?

Have you ever looked at a picture of the Earth taken from deep space? Doesn’t that remind you of how small and insignificant we all really are?

In the long run, we are all going to be taken out of the picture …. It doesn’t matter whether we go out because of a virus or a gunshot or a traffic accident … we are all going no matter how much we might scratch and scrape to stay here!

So what is the big problem with doing something for ourselves that might actually save our lives for a while longer yet?

The good part of this argument is that it is the lower-intellectually-inclined (The knuckle-dragging Conservatives of the world) who are going to do the most damage to themselves and to everybody else by their denials of the dangers of Covid 19. That adds up to the probability that more of them will perish because of their ignorance than anybody else.

And that can’t be a bad thing, can it?

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