What Has The Pandemic Taught Us?

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us, among other things, that the government led by Donald Trump botched the handling of the bio-disaster called Covid 19 very badly from the very beginning. So any “Failure” of the Biden Administration has its roots planted firmly in the idiocy and lack of responsibility of the Trump farce.

The entire episode of the handling of the pandemic by the Trump White House was nothing but chaos, indecision, denial, do-little or do-nothingness. (The original attitude toward wearing face coverings evidenced this very strongly.).

We know that the scientists and the health professionals were almost universally ignored from the time the pandemic began until Biden took office. I remember when Trump once referred to Dr. Anthony Fauci as “An idiot and a disaster who has been here for 500 years.”

many of us, had no idea how badly his administration would distort, ignore and deny science and the truth during the pandemic.

The Trump Administration — and I use the word, “Administration” with tongue in cheek here because I thought the entire 4 years was one long fiasco — did little other than distort the facts, ignore the danger, deny what the scientists were saying and lying about how well the U.S. was handling the crisis and, as a result, are probably directly responsible for the loss of at least 400-Thousand of the 500-Thousands lives that were lost to the plague.

I am constantly awed and amazed at how nobody that I could see or hear did very much if anything to check the constant stream of lies about the pandemic that were coming out of the Trump White House. Somebody should have blown a louder whistle but nobody did and it got worse as the pandemic deepened.

And now that the covid-denying governors of many of our states are ignoring the continuing danger of the virus and are opening up their states in defiance of recommendations from the Centers For Disease Control, there is a likelihood that any progress made in controlling the virus could be lost and we could return to where it all began with more and greater, more deadly surges of the disease than ever before.

But again, I am not hearing much noise about the dangers these idiots are posing to us all.

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

3 thoughts on “What Has The Pandemic Taught Us?”

  1. I learned the American people are more stupid than I thought. I knew Trump was a moron and his admin was nothing more than a bunch of butt boys…..the better question should be….can we repair the damage that the Trump slugs have done to this country? I vote for …no timer soon. chuq

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