Ignore The Advice

QUOTE — “Rep.-elect Julia Letlow (R-La.), who won the seat vacated after her husband died from the coronavirus, on Sunday implored Republicans to get vaccinated against COVID-19.” — UNQUOTE. (https://www.huffpost.com/entry/republican-rep-pleads-with-republicans-to-get-vaccinated-as-polls-show-hesitancy_n_606107f7c5b66d30c745c192)

I have my own personal reaction to that: Go ahead and believe the misinformation because most right wingers aren’t smart enough to recognize the truth about anything under any circumstances. They seem to love their conspiracy theories and to embrace anything that goes against anything the democrats say or do anyway.

Here, in this article is one of the few Conservatives that I have ever heard about who actually understands the severity of the Covid 19 Pandemic and who is trying to get the attention of her fellow Conservatives and trying to get them to do the right thing.

I do not know the circumstances here, but I think I am safe in saying that the majority of the idiots who claim the identification of “Conservative” will totally ignore her pleas of reason.

To my way of thinking, the only end result of continued right wing denial of the dangers of the coronavirus will be that the people who deny it and who refuse their vaccinations and who refuse to wear their masks and all that stuff will do nothing less than continue to infect themselves, their loved ones and everybody else around them.

Of course, in my personal opinion, when they continue infecting themselves, that can’t be such a bad thing can it?”

Your opinion?

Author: John

https://linesbyliming.com/ American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

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