So, Get Busy, Why Don’t You?

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So you think you have some solid ideas that should be shared with the rest of the world, do you? Alright then … pick up that pen and paper and get busy putting those ideas down so that when the time is right, and you have the means, you can publish them to the World and see what the rest of the planet thinks of what you have to say.

I think if you are like most common folks, you will discover, very quickly and possibly to your dismay, that there are very few people out there who really give a shit what you have to say and I think you can be damned sure that your ideas are not going to change anybody’s mind about anything … because most people’s minds are already made up and they are not about to budge from what makes them comfortable.

But there is also a positive side! The positive side is that somebody, somewhere at some time, might run across what you have put out there and might actually learn something they never learned or never thought of before .. and they might even be helped in some manner.

That, in itself is one good reason for going ahead and putting your thoughts out to the world.

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