Scheduling That Second Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccine

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The way I hear it is that people should get their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine within a period of 3 to 4 weeks after they receive their first shot. But, I have recently also heard that it is alright to wait for up to 6 weeks now. I guess this information is evolving as science learns more and more about the disease and the vaccine and the way the body reacts to the vaccine.

I have also read of cases where things became a little desperate and the person looking for their second dose were told, “No sweat! Just go ahead and schedule the second one whenever you can.” Personally, I would have hated to rely on that kind of advice and luckily I did not have to rely on that kind of advice because I got lucky and now I have both of my shots.

A lot of folks had a really hard time scheduling their first covid-19 vaccine but it is reported that as the production of the vaccine ramps up, getting that first dose will become easier and easier. And right now, at this point in time, I understand that the vaccine production has been fast tracked and more of it is available and becoming available than ever before.

As to how to schedule the second dose if you have already received the first dose: I don’t know how it works for everybody but when I went and got my first shot, they automatically scheduled me to get the second one. I had some reservations about this because the place where I got my first and second shot had cancelled the first one on me and I had to fiddle around and agonize for a while until they opened up more appointments. When they finally opened up more appointments, I got my first one then and it was at that time they scheduled my second one and it worked like a charm …. I got the second dose on the scheduled date and time without a hitch.

One hitch that some people might run into is when whoever provided their first shot for them suddenly cancels the appointment for the second shot because the provider gave them one brand of vaccine for the first shot and ran out of that brand and now has a second brand in stock. The scenario might go like this: “I am sorry, but we cancelled your appointment for your second shot because your first shot was the Moderna vaccine and now we no longer have any Moderna vaccine but we have the Johnson vaccine and we feel it is not a good idea to mix the two so we cancelled your appointment.” (This is a hypothetical case scenario and it could involve any of the available vaccines. I just used the two most prevalent as the examples for this blog post.).

Getting either or both of these vaccine doses has been a real hassle and I understand that the hassle was caused by the previous administration (and I am not mentioning any names because I am tired of hearing that name). It appears that the previous administration took the entire coronavirus pandemic very lightly, even to the point of the president mocking and deriding the wearing of face masks at one point in the same … and then misleading the American People about the degree of control that the government had gained over the virus and then ignoring the scientists and the medical communities’ advice and guidance. (Just like the Radical Right Wing Republicans that they were.).

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2 thoughts on “Scheduling That Second Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccine”

  1. Those of us who had Astra-Zeneca have to wait 12 weeks, John. I had my first dose in February, so my second will be in May. The NHS here sends a text, with a link to book online.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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