9 thoughts on “So Messed Up —

    1. I am staying the same as I have done for the past year. Avoiding the fools, and letting them get on with their craziness. Best wishes, Pete.
      In the future, if you wish to do so, you can leave comments for articles you find “Over There” right here on WP as always because I have the two blogs linked.

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    1. I am not departing WP just yet — I still have 10 months on my purchase with them — but I am going to write on the Blogger site and create links back to WP so that my old friends can keep up with me. On Blogger I get 35 to 400 visits per day and I could never say the same for WP. But I love my WP friends (You and Pete and the others) so I am not going to abandon you either. I will make another decision in 10 months but I probably will keep a WP presence so that I can have two audiences, the bigger one and the smaller one. You see, I treasure relationships.

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        1. I know about the spam and the bots but I used to have a couple of friends over there .. one from Texas who decided to cut me off because he became a raging right wing fanatic and the other was operator of a franchise service that I used to belong to but he started dictating my content and making all k inds of demands about how I present my material .. over-editing everything … so we parted company — and there were a few others ….mostly right wingers who used to troll me …and then there are the faithful bots as you say. Bless their little electronic souls! They do life a person’s spirits if nothing else.

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    2. Chuq — I noticed that you left a comment on my Blogspot blog for which I am very grateful but if you want to, you can leave the comment on WP like always and I can answer it from there. The two blogs are connected with links so that WP people do not have to fuss around with leaving comments on the more complicated Blogger platform.

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