How Right Wing Extremism Drives Covid-19 Outbreaks

 QUOTE —“A junior wrestler at Lakewood High School in western Michigan had been asked to comply with a state-mandated quarantine after close contact with another student who tested positive for COVID-19. McElvany, an anti-lockdown activist in the state, seized on his case as her latest cause célèbre even as the coronavirus pandemic in Michigan reaches new heights.” — UNQUOTE.

The quote above is from an article I read in THE DAILY BEAST and I think it reveals the real reasons that The United States may never get ahead of new outbreaks and surges of the dread and deadly Coronavirus Pandemic (READ MORE).

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

6 thoughts on “How Right Wing Extremism Drives Covid-19 Outbreaks”

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          I have been ranting about this for decades…..maybe now someone will listen chuq —– YOU CAN ANSWER THESE POSTS OVER AT BLOGGER BY ANSWERING THEM ON YOUR WORDPRESS SITE NOW. the articles I write are interconnected and if you answer on WP I will see it and respond to you.

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