Things and Other Things

Somebody I know just surpassed the 110-Million-dollar mark in net worth but I swore I would keep who it was a secret. I almost failed in that mission didn’t I? My friend knows how eccentric I am so I can get away with this kind of thing…. LOL.

While I am on the subject of spending money, let me confess that “Amazon” and “Ebay” can become habit forming! I have an entire backyard shed filled to overflowing with boxes from both of them.

The pandemic is upsurging again where I live but it doesn’t seem to matter to a lot of folks because some of them are acting as if there was never a pandemic in the first place … running around all packed together at events like sardines … without masks … without social distancing … these are the fools who are going to spread the disease to others … these are the new Lepers for the 21st century …. There will never be an end to this pandemic as long as there are careless fools running around.

When the pandemic began, I, like others, ran out to the stores and stocked up on essentials like toilet paper —- and now, here we are into the 4th month of the second year of the damned plague and I still have enough toilet paper on hand for another year at least!

I made a kick-ass New York Strip steak today using my new Shaq O’Neil panini grill. (The grill heats to 450-degrees farenheit and it is … smokeless! Here is a tip for adding flavor to the steaks … take some beef bouillion base — mix it with just a little bit of beef broth and brush it liberally all over the steaks before putting them on the grill. This intensifies the beef flavor astronomically! You are welcome!

By the way, if you are salting your steaks before grilling — I suggest you get and use some very coarse Himalayan Pink salt ….outrageously good!

Strip Loin Steak, Bbq, Salad, Food

The picture above is from “Pixabay” which you can see if you click on the link and I want to tell you that even thought I mention my Shaq O’Neil grill, I am not being compensated in any way, shape or form for mentioning it … I just happen to be in love with it!


I would not be without my new grill because I can do steaks on it, I can do vegetables on it, I can do sandwiches on it … chops … chicken breasts … bacon …. all kinds of wonderful things. It is driving the chef mad because I am playing with cooking right now ….just kidding … my “Cook” is very jovial and understanding ….better than me, that’s for sure!

I am in the mood for finding some Russian tea glasses with the ornate metal holders and some really good Russian black tea …I am in the mood for some Russian black tea … don’t ask me why because I don’t know myself … I usually prefer Twinings, an English brand … but I kind of got ticked off at them a few years ago because I know they produce their own brand of coffee also … and they told me that they did not sell their coffee in America … but I found out lately that Amazon has some of their coffee so all is forgiven and I am going to try that coffee also.

I am not Jewish by any measure … (Well, maybe a little by association) …. but I have lately developed a renewed taste for big fat bagels and Kosher cream cheese … (I do not like Lox) — One of my baby sitters was Jewish when I was 9 years old …we had a lot of fun together. My dad worked for her in her nightclub and I always hung around in the kitchen with her helping to peel potatoes or something. She bought me an entire formal suit of clothing, hat and all, so that she could take me to see Santa Claus at a large department store in Cincinnati, Ohio when I was 11-years-old! I was this really tall kid in line to see Santa Claus with all these little kids …. It was both embarrasing and wonderful at one and the same times. That was one expensive day for her and one wonderful day for me!

Don’t ask me why … I just got into the writing mood a few minutes ago and here I am, gabbing and yammering away ….

4 thoughts on “Things and Other Things

  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new grill. We also use the pink salt, it has a great flavour.
    I like Bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, also with pastrami, or salt beef. But since I moved out of London, authentic Jewish Bagel shops are impossible to find.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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