Getting A Little Irritating

Because the American Conservatives generally operate on the intellectual level of some kind of prehistoric primates, The American People are being led down a path where they choose what they see as their personal freedoms, liberties, rights over their own safety and over the safety of their fellow citizens. Because of this counterfeit sense of “Liberty,” thousands of our fellow Americans are dying needlessly in the process.

You should already know the story — “I don’t have to wear a mask in public and I am not going to wear a mask in public and nobody can force me to wear a mask in public because I am an American and I have my rights!”

I mean, forget, for a moment, that this kind of asshole is absolutely right in their assumptions about their rights but by exercising their rights in an irresponsible manner, they are placing themselves and everybody they come into contact with in potentially mortal danger as they go maskless and spread their infections freely and callously everywhere they go.

The big mistake being made by the American Government (at every level) is that they are not rounding these “Spreaders” up by the drove and locking them up somewhere until the pandemic is brought under control or until it is over and done with.

But the mask thing is just one example of people placing their perceived rights over the safety and welfare of everybody else. The other biggie in this department is Guns.

The seemingly endless rash of mass shootings that have occurred and are occuring in this country and a government that seems to be absolutely determined to ignore them all and do nothing about the proliferation and accessibility of guns in this country is another example of why I believe the days of walking down the streets without fear is over … possibly over forever!

Everybody wants action on these issues (Everybody except the right wing defenders of idiocy) but no actions ever happen and I don’t believe any actions will ever happen … unless and until someone in a position of great power suffers the consequences of their callousness, their arrogance and their refusal to address these problems in a determined, positive and conclusive manner.

7 thoughts on “Getting A Little Irritating

  1. When Trump said ‘they are coming for your guns’, he reignited that old fear of a loss of the personal freedom to own a gun and shoot people with it. This is a peculiarly American problem, John. And I doubt it is ever going to go away. In my opinion, it will actually get a lot worse, especially if the police continue to shoot unarmed men and boys at the same rate.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. What will stop it is the crimiinalization of both the manufacture of weapons for private use or the importation of weapons for personal use or the thorough vetting of anyone applying for a permit to carry a gun or a sentence of life without parole for anyone convicted of any kind of gun-related crime.

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        1. and make sure the licensed collectors can only possess them if they have been neutered by filling the barrels with lead and by removing the firing pin and welding the firing mechanism solidly shut.

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