Republicans Suffering Great Loss Of Educated Voters!

In recent months, there has been reported an enormous drop in people who identify with The Republican Party and, more importantly, college-educated people are fleeing the Republican Party in droves .. a virtual tidal wave of such departures according to my information!

Yes, for some strange reason (Probably tied to the Trump fiasco) fewer people are calling themselves Republicans now than ever in History!

It looks to me like there is a fast-growing trend that can only spell disaster for the Republicans in upcoming elections … unless they can perfect their gerrymandering and voter suppression machine that is.

So it appears to be like I have said all along …. The really educated people are leaving the Republicans and the less-educated people with right wing leanings are drifting toward the Republicans. If you wish to substantiate that claim to your own satisfaction, consider the types of neanderthals that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th … or whenever it was.

Haven’t I been saying for years now that Republicans tend to operate on the lowest possible intellectual levels?

I guess current trends are proving what I have been saying all along.

Some explanation might be found in all this by a close examination of the lunacy of the Trump administration …

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