Eric Chauvin Trial

The Eric Chauvin trial is reportedly about to come to a conclusion.

I have never seen a trial with so much public exposure. The last trial that I heard of with such intense public scrutiny was the trial revolving around the kidnapping of the Lindbergh child back in the 1930s.

People are telling me that if there is no guilty verdict in this trial, then the country will explode with demonstrations and that some of those demonstrations might turn violent.

It appears that The National Guard and most local police agencies in and around the area where this trial is being conducted are preparing themselves for such civil disturbances.

My question is, “How possible is it that most of the nation has already prejudged this trial because of all the publicity and public exposure?”

Is it really possible that the jurors in this trial have not been influenced at all by all the publicity surrounding the proceedings?

So, if the verdict in this trial is not pleasing to those who might be predisposed to demonstrating in the streets, and if the demonstrations do take place … and if there is destruction of property because of the demonstrations … and if there are injuries associated with such demonstrations …. how long do you think the demonstrations will last …. and more importantly, how long do you think the entire episode will be remembered by the general population?

Do you think this kind of episode might have a chilling effect on the effectiveness of those who are charged with serving and protecting us all in police uniforms?

Will the aftermath of this trial be that Americans can feel safer or that Americans will be more wary?

Will this trial cause criminal elements in our society to be more cautious or will it embolden them?

Regardless of the outcome of this trial, do you think that there will be more such incidents of unfortunate police interactions with the general public or do you think that this trial will have the effect of making sure that such a tragedy never happens again?

Does this trial mark the emasculation of our police forces or does it mark the strengthening of policing in America?

5 thoughts on “Eric Chauvin Trial

  1. In Chauvin’s case, the TV showing the original video before he was arrested and charged made the outcome a foregone conclusion. In my opinion, the TV companies are irresponsible, and the footage should not have been able to be seen before the trial itself. Although I am certain Chauvin killed Floyd, whether by intent or negligence, he never had a hope in hell of getting a ‘fair’ trial. Even the president weighed in before the verdict, hoping for ‘the right outcome’. If Chauvin is to survive being killed in prison, he will have to do his entire sentence in solitary.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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