It Only Gets Worse

Chauvin is convicted and faces the possibility of decades in prison. The truth of the matter will probably be that they will show leniency in sentencing and he will end up spending a mere 12 years or so behind bars — in a general prison population containing hundreds, perhaps even thousands of black people. I would not want to be a resident of that prison under these circumstances, would you?

Almost immediately after the Chauvin trial concluded, a police-person in Columbus, Ohio reportedly shot and killed a teen-aged girl who was waving a common kitchen knife around. The police have, before now, concentrated their gunfire on adults for the most part. Now it appears that they are willing to kill the children too. I am surmising, this morning, that police who are willing to kill children are also avid supporters of abortion.

I have said it before and I will say it again …. the only police reform that we are going to see in These United States will be something on a piece of paper but nothing will happen with the boots on the ground and the police killings will continue unabated. It is the same as with gun violence. We see a lot of people screaming, yelling, demonstrating and calling for gun reform but nothing has happened, despite all the mass shootings and the gun crime and, for my money (I will wager) nothing is ever going to change with the gun violence situation.

9 thoughts on “It Only Gets Worse

    1. and the process of reform will cause our police to abandon their jobs and look elsewhere for work or it will cause our police to fail to react to danger and put themselves in real danger.

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            1. It’s their stormtrooper mentality. Hard to overcome. Instilled as a program of a new police militancy that creates a strong “Us versus Them” environment for the police. The code of the Blue Brotherhood. No room left for empathy with the “Clueless Horde” (The general public.). Only a few “Good Cops” resist this mentality and they are seen among their own as “Weak.”

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            2. Movies help as well….Dirty Harry where the bad guys are minorities selling drugs…..instead of showing life as it should on the street they give some exaggerated BS. chuq

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