Randomania 4/22/2021

Is there anything less attractive to the expectant mind than a f**king snow storm near the end of April — when you are expecting spring weather, you get hit in the ass with frost and snow and all your little plants die …. but the good thing is that you miss a week or two of having to get the lawn mowed. LOL. Not all bad, after all.

I used to worry about eating too many eggs because the medical profession was telling everyone to limit their egg consumption to one or two a week …. because of the cholesterol …. because they said the cholesterol could build up in your veins because of eggs and kill you …. that was awhile ago. The whole attitude has changed since then and now, the same medical community is telling us that we cans safely eat as many as three eggs per day. So I am eating three eggs a day now and it is helping me to shed the extra pounds of ass that I have accumulated since the pandemic began . Most people are said to have gained a minimum of 19 pounds because of the pandemic. I have only managed to gain 17 myself so I am below average. LOL.

When I was a kid (Back in the days of World War 2), the school marms were telling us all that we had to drink a whole quart of whole milk everyday in order to be healthy too. If a brat demanded to drink a whole quart of whole milk today, I am sure some parents would go off the rails about it. Today whole milk is portrayed more or less as shit … unfit for human consumption …. and the thing now is almond milk or defatted milk or milk with no allergens … all kinds of milk except for the milk that I drank prodigiously in the old days …. the milk that didn’t do me a bit of harm. And that, my friends, is how the human intellectualism evolves ….slowly, methodically, meticulously — and still nobody really learns a damned thing and the “Medical Practice” is still only “Practice” no matter what your professors have told you.

I found out that I can keep the drains in our house clear of crud by the simple act of pouring a cup of ordinary laundry bleach down them and letting the bleach sit in the drains for an hour before flushing it all out with hot water. No more pipe-destroying commercial chemical drain cleaners for me.

I am still racking my brain, trying to figure out how to make an Epson Stylus NX-420 printer work on a computer that has the Ubuntu 20.04 program installed. So far, the quest for an answer as kicked my ass four ways from Sunday …. but I am a persistent son of a bitch and I will stick with it and when I get tired of fooling with it, I will call in the experts. (Which is what I should have done in the first place but I like to tinker.)

Well, my blood oxygen level this morning is 97 and my heart is ticking along at a healthy 79 beats per minute ( will be down to 59 by noon) …. so maybe I will make it until dinnertime. LOL.

3 thoughts on “Randomania 4/22/2021

  1. The ‘scientists’ change their mind all the time. I remember the egg scare, not only about cholesterol, but also about salmonella in eggs that are not thoroughly cooked. My uncle had a raw egg in a glass every day of his life, and it never did him any harm. He died of lung cancer from smoking 50 cigarettes a day, aged 76.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I agree that Medicine is constantly evolving. I wonder how many people doctors have killed over the ages with their administrations to patients that were later proven to be useless.

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  2. I never gave up on my eggs……good advice about the drains……milk…I have never been a milk drinker…..white water is about we really get…..after it is processed they add all the vitamins and minerals back….so I can live without it. chuq

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