It’s Me Again

There is nothing quite like a breakfast consisting of a bowl of cooked fresh spinach and two boiled eggs with coffee. (Decaffinated.)! That’s what I had this morning and it wasn’t really all that bad but it isn’t my first choice for the first meal of the day.

The radio is still blaring news about George Floyd this morning. I imagine we will be hearing about that for many months to come. Don’t get me wrong! I know there was a lot of injustice surrounding some of these police shootings and I know that somebody has to pay attention to it all … but I am wondering this morning what the major media outlets really think that ordinary citizens like you and myself can do about any of this stuff.

Since all this racism has creeped onto the public mind through intensive media coverage and sensational reporting, I have been wondering lately if there was ever an incident where a Black police officer shot a white person under similar circumstances? If there was any such incidents, I certainly don’t remember the media giving it much attention. Does anybody know how to answer this question for me this morning?

I found an idea on the internet that I thought was the work of an absolute genius. You know how that when you are using a can of paint with a paintbrush you are always having to scrape the excess paint off your brush on the edge of the paint can? Remember how the paint from that brush gets into the grooves of the paint can where the lid goes when you close it up? Remember how the paint dribbles down the sides of the can and gets on you and a lot of things around you? Well check this idea out … put a large rubber band around the paint can like in the picture below —-


I found this idea on the following list of hacks —–

We were watching a Netflix series last night called “Orange Is The New Black.” Have you ever watched that program? I would say that it is not for the super sensitive, the moralist or the faint of heart but it does hold your attention. There was a segment on the program last night about a bunch of chickens that the prison inmates had gathered and were caring for. This reminded me of the days of my youth when we had chickens and I would always sample a taste or two of their food. Our chickens ate a diet of ground up grain and I liked to sample it. I did the same with the horse food but the pig food was spo disgusting that I simply left it alone.

OMG! I was sitting at my computer today when I heard the doorbell ring. By the time I had gotten up to go into the living room, my friend had let some other friends of ours inside … both of them were wearing their masks and we know that both of them and both my friend and I have been fully vaccinated but we all still wore our masks and sat 6-feet or more from each other. The CDC says now that this kind of visit is alright for now but that doesn’t do much to comfort me so when the company was gone, I disinfected the door handles and the glasses that one of the friend had drunk water from … and I would have sprayed the furniture with disinfectant if I had any on hand … but I didn’t have any on hand … so now, I will wait for Three hours or more before sitting on the couch again because that is the amount of time it is supposed to take the coronavirus to die out on surfaces. This whole pandemic thing is one big pain in the tush! I can’t wait for it to be declared over and done with.

I want to eat in a restaurant again!

I see I now have 10 new followers and I have to tell you that I am thrilled to learn that fact. I am very grateful to anyone who comes to visit with me here on this blog. Very grateful indeed! Thanks to you all!

Author: John American Citizen Opinion Blogger -- Inspired and Educated, smart but not all that gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “It’s Me Again”

  1. Nothing will change with police until the culture changes…..great idea for paint…..I am perfectly fine with being a hermit….gives me time to read more…..breakfast today will be grits, egg bacon and a biscuit… well chuq


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