Thursday Ends, Friday Begins

I decided that I need more potassium in my body so I decided to mix up a potassium-rich cocktail and here is what is in it: One small banana plus 1 cup fresh green spinach leaves plus 1 small avocado plus the juice of one whole orange plus one cup of coconut water and a little honey to sweeten it with. The whole thing is done in a high-speed blender and comes out as a delicious smoothie. There are two servings in this entire recipe. Among other things, potassium is said to help keep the blood pressure in check but I also understand that a person can get too much of it in their system so I guess I would be talking with a certified practicing physician before I mix this up and drink it … something I have already done …. something anyone contemplating making this drink for themselves really needs to do.

The snow is hanging on here where I live …. this is the second day of it …. really unusual weather for this time in April — part of global warming I guess … but it doesn’t feel too warm outside and I definitely had to cover some more plants before going to bed this evening. Maybe they will make it through the night and maybe when the new days dawns, it will be warmer and the plants can survive after all.

The Russians and the Chinese are reportedly showing their military asses again …. Russia is reportedly making incursions into American waters up in Alaska and harassing some boats with low-flying airplanes and other such shit. I don’t know what these people think they are doing but I would definitely hate to see another world war erupt because if it does, it would definitely destroy most of all living things on the face of the earth.

My son got a pet bearded dragon and it is so ugly it is cute. It has certain characteristics of a lizard-like puppy and is really gentle and affectionate. It is a female and they have named her “Ellie.”

Animal, Lizard, Agame, Reptile, Amphibian, Dragon, Dry

I am not sure I would want a bearded dragon myself but they seem to have captured the affections of a lot of Americans. They eat salads, fruit, meal worms and insects.

I am thinking of making my famous meatloaf tomorrow …. but we shall see … I have to go get several cans of coffee tomorrow. We get our coffee at a restaurant supply company and it is a lot cheaper that way. I usually purchase 6 months worth of coffee at a time. Prices are rising on everything right now so I believe that stocking up on necessities is a worthy idea.

According to reports I have been reading, the governor of Oklahoma has signed bills forbidding citizens to film police and another bill that would forgive motorists for running over protesters with their vehicles. I heard that this same governor also signed a bill forbidding transgender kids from participating in school sports events. Isn’t it about time that America starts to wake up to just how far into the Nazi ideologies the radical right wing elements of the Republican Party have sunk?

The latest conspiracy theory that I have heard is that the earth will run completely out of all the things human beings need for survival by the year 2050. I find that kind of interesting.

You want to see some interesting shit? Click on this link —-

Tell all your friends about my blog please. LOL.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Ends, Friday Begins

  1. I would be cautious about too much potassium, John. It can be deadly!
    The Iguanas are interesting, but I think they should be left where they come from, and not kept in containers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I realize that I have to strike a balance with the potassium. But I find that when my blood pressure soars once in a while, a bowl of spinach generally does the trick — or some prunes — or a banana ….

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