Random 101

Hi everybody, it’s me again. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Ha! Ha!

I am wearing my new glasses as I type this post here. I get all my eye-work done at the Veterans’ Medical Center and I must say that they do good work. I have controlled glaucoma and one cataract and I am waiting until the pandemic is over before I have the cataract removed. I do not want to be having surgical procedures in the midst of the pandemic. It is bad enough that people have to worry about MRSA and other things that get loose in hospitals without having to worry about going into the operating room to have a cataract removed and catching the coronavirus in the process.

Somehow I managed to crawl out of bed at around 9 O’clock this morning and somehow found my way to the kitchen where I partook of some fresh coffee, some oatmeal, toast and one boiled egg. I have been eating boiled eggs for breakfast for about three days now and I think I am getting tired of it. The idea for eating the boiled eggs every day was for me to lose a couple of pounds of weight, but I do not think it is going to work. I am a creature of habit and it is tough for me to say “No” to myself when it comes time to stuff something good into my mouth.

Looking out the window, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the snow that had fallen a couple of days ago is completely gone now and the grass is green and the trees are, apparently, no worse the wear for the cold snap that we have been experiencing. It is highly unusual for us to have snow at the end of April but here we are, living the reality and I have to admit that it sucks! I did lose some Basil that I had planted in the back yard but the Rosemary and the Thyme came through alright. Now all I have to worry about is “Will rabbits come and eat my herb garden?” I hope they don’t because I have misplaced my recipe for rabbit stew. LOL.

On surfing the Internet the other day, I came across one of those sites that sells information about almost everybody and I was amazed to find that they claim to have my own personal information on file and for sale to anyone who wants to pay the $29.95 (U.S. Dollars) to read it. I felt kind of invaded when I discovered my picture and an offer to sell my personal information publicly. So, I logged onto their site and found the question, “Is this information about you?”

Answering the question, I discovered that the site allows people to make corrections to the information they have on file. So, I noted that they have my race down as “Asian American.” In reality, I am Caucasian to the bone. So, I corrected their information and changed my race from “Asian American to African American.” I didn’t think they would make the change but they did. The next time I visited their site, they had indeed reported me as being “African American.” I hope a whole lot of nosy people foolishly spend their money to buy my information from that site because most of what they have to sell about me is now fictitious stuff that I have changed for them. LOL.

If you are one of those consumers who is in possession of a cooking stove with a glass cooking surface I would like to share an easy way to clean that cooktop. I used to go out and purchase expensive stovetop cleansers for this purpose but I discovered that if you mix about a tablespoon of ordinary baking soda with a cup of white vinegar and scrub the cooktop with it for a few minutes with a non-abrasive cloth such as microfiber and then let it all dry — and them come back and rinse it off with warm water, you will discover that it works very well to clean that glass cooking surface. You are welcome!

Stove, Kitchen, Cooker, Cooking, Home, Appliance
GLASS COOK TOPhttps://pixabay.com/photos/stove-kitchen-cooker-cooking-home-338139/

My cook is preparing roast beef pot roast for lunch today and I can smell it as I sit here typing at 10:48 AM on this beautiful Saturday Morning.

The Pandemic is still out there, as are the vaccines and now we hear that people can get blood clots from the Johnson and Johnson shot so I guess a lot of people are going to be refusing to take the Johnson and Johnson vaccine even though the Centers for Disease Control are still peddling the idea that the benefits of taking the vaccine far outweight the risk of blood clots. As for me, I got the Moderna shots and, I believe that I would be hesistant if I were offered the Johnson and Johnson one because I hear that they are still studying it … and this blood clot scare has done nothing to boost my confidence.

It is bad enough that 47-percent of all Republicans (That is what I heard so don’t take my word for it) are refusing to take any kind of vaccine at all. From what I understand about how the pandemic virus works, people who refuse to get vaccinated will still be potential “Spreaders” of the disease. And if it is true that 47 percent of all Republicans continue to refuse to get vaccinated that means there will be a whole lot of spreaders running around out there with the potential to infect perhaps millions more people with the deadly disaease. Somebody told me that this problem has gotten so bad that former president, Trump, went on air somewhere a few days ago and told his Republican base to be sure and get their vaccine. This is a far cry from where he stood on the issue when he was inhabiting the Oval Office, isn’t it? I hope his cadre of fools listens to his apparently-suddenly-acquired wisdom about the vaccines.


I just read where the price of disposable diapers is about to skyrocket and cause consumers a lot of sticker shock. There are all kinds of reasons being given for the coming increases in diaper prices and there are a lot of people already complaining about being unable or barely able to afford diapers for their toddlers.

I have an answer: “Just buy plain ordinary cotton diapers and launder them yourself. That’s what we did when we were younger. That will solve the price problem with disposables once and for all and it will be better for the environment and the budget as well. A little clorox in the water for sanitizing and deodorizing and then a cycle in the washing machine … simple as pie.

Alright then … enough for now.

More later.

Love to all,


3 thoughts on “Random 101

  1. I use a basic anti-bacterial spray on the glass hob. It seems to work well enough, but your baking soda tip is also well-known to work perfectly. Glad to hear you changed your racial demographic to African-American. That should confuse their algorithms. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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