Behold The Mongrels Among Us

I have known all kinds of people in my lifetime …. some very high class people and some others that society might brand as “Low Class.” I have to tell you, from long, hard experience, that the labels that society puts on people do not always tell the whole story. Another old saying that covers this is, “You Can’t Tell A Book By Its Cover.”

I have known some very wealthy people whose actions, if it were not for their outward trappings, might cause them be seen as very low class. I have known other people whom society might classify as “Dregs” who had more nobility and character about them than some of high breeding.

Pedigrees do not always reveal the contributions that people are willing or able to make to the betterment of society, to themselves and their own kind and to others outside their circles. There are some people of high social standing who have more than they need in this world who wouldn’t give a blind man a nickle. There are some people who have little or nothing of this worlds goods who would give everything they possess to help someone besides themselves. I have seen this happen numerous times.

When I was homeless back in the late 1970s, I had a lot of presumably devout Christian People tell me, “I have nothing to give to you, but I will pray for you.” My empty stomach always growled at the offer of prayer and wept for lack of food. Then I met a man who lived in a trailer, had four kids, worked at a low-paying job who invited me to his home for sumptuous pot roast dinners, friendship and help to get a job with his cousin who was a landscape artist of some repute.

This little man with the great big heart and the dirty shoes outshined many of the glistening gems of society who had it all but shared nothing.

You never know, do you?

5 thoughts on “Behold The Mongrels Among Us

  1. You’d think that those who have been there – or close – would have more understanding, wouldn’t you? That doesn’t always follow though. Some who make their fortunes from lowly beginnings like to ignore the people they climbed over to get where they are, but others use their good fortune to help others. In the end, actions speak louder than roots.

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